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Self Ordering Kiosk Made by PTKSAI
pos manufacturer PTKSAI queue management system of PTKSAI Self Ordering Kiosk Made by PTKSAI

Main Products

We design and manufacture high-end touch POS systems, all in one POS terminals and self-ordering & payment kiosks ...

All in One POS Machine with Printer

A Industrial Grade POS to Integrate Multi-functions.


Touch Screen POS Monitor 

A Sleek Device, Compatible with Windows or Android Apps.

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Self Ordering Kiosk 

Kiosks Save the Labour Cost and Improve Effency.


Smart EPOS System

All in One Design Equipped with EPOS Modules.

Handheld POS Terminal

Portable POS Solution, Flexible and Robust

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All in One POS Weighing Scale 

A Reliable Scale of Supermarkets, Retail or Fruit Shops.


Explosive growth of sales attributes to technology, innovation, and service.

PTKSAI Profile

A leading brand in POS & Kiosk Hardware

Founded in 2012, PTKSAI is an IT manufacturer providing complete ranges of hardware solutions for the POS (point of sale and point of service) and the integration sectors (Kiosk and OEM products). We are the industry leader in technology, innovation, and custom design.


Our hardware designed and developed by PTKSAI are intended for IT management, till functions and digital marketing at the POS (supply of POS touch systems, Mobile tablets, Retail PCs and Panel PCs, screens and monitors for digital and multimedia displays and interactive kiosks).

Core Advantages

We provide a highly flexible and customizable hardware solution designed to meet the needs of any business.


Factory covers 2350m² including R&D, workshop, aging room, QC and warehouse. we have offered clients from 86 countries over 1,000 terminals per month.


Production are under the strict quality control system and we test every product before shipping, the defective rate will be less than 0.2%.


5 technicians provide awesome 24 hours*6 days support, we have a strict and considerate RMA process to solve your problems.Warranty Can be extended to 3 years.


CEO, Cruise, is a experienced R&D engineer who trends to collect ideas and feedback from clients and introduces to his R&D team. We insist leading in the cutting edge of the industry. 

Customization Service

The most comprehensive and most in-depth product OEM / ODM Service


PTKSAI summarize the requirements of 1000 customization cases, and standardize demand parameter format:


Requirements confirmation, feasibility evaluation, circuit and structure layout, appearance design, sample assembly, testing, trial production, quality control, certificates apply, mass production


In accordance with the standards of customized product projects, PTKSAI charges development costs and mold costs.

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Contact Us

Professional support team provides timely service.

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