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by:PTKSAI     2019-12-13
UBS Xinrui Hebao cash register details

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1 UnionPay certification, unionPay card testing center and UnionPay acceptance terminal double authentication

2-clear genuine national UnionPay payment license

3 Bluetooth adaptation, applicable to all mainstream smartphones and PAD terminals

4 registration is simple, no need to go back and forth, registration can be used

5 speed to the account, that is, brush, the use of funds is more convenient

6 to account mode D 0, T 1 two to account mode, flexible selection

7 Lowest Rate 0. 55 1-0. 63 yuan/pen, credit card funds seconds; T 1 to account

8 quota is higher, single card 50 thousand/pen, single card 100 thousand/day, single Account 100 thousand/day

9 value-added function, around the needs of merchants, provide more Internet financial services

365 days and seconds without holidays, the rate is low and the amount is high

; Applicable to all mainstream smartphones

Multi-consumption, say goodbye to

3000 merchants rolling switch, GPS landing merchants. Seconds to the account.

apply for a credit card online

come if you are short of money, easy credit allows you to apply for

support, all UnionPay logo cards

financial IC, magnetic stripe card, support card payment, no card payment, NFC payment three ways

formal security and stability

the bank issued a payment business license, security Compliance, stable account.

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