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by:PTKSAI     2019-12-14
How to choose and buy cash registers how to use cash registers is the product of the development of microelectronic technology and the combination of modern commodity circulation management concepts and technological development, the commercial electronic cash register is one of the essential basic electronic equipment for modern and automated business management. People are more and more inseparable from cash registers when they are engaged in commercial activities, so which kind of electronic cash register is better. How to buy the cash register? How to use the cash register? Let's take a look at it together with Xiaobian! Cash register classification, the first type of cash register, refers to a cash register that can only be used by a single machine and cannot be connected to the Internet. It can manage several to dozens of departments and can manage a small number of single items. This type of cash register has a wide variety, basically the same performance and relatively low price. Such representative cash register models are: 150CR, 230ER, etc. of CAISO Company of Japan, MA-85, MA-315, etc. The cash register processing program is fixed in the cash register and cannot be changed. The cash register can only provide simple statistical reports. Due to the small data storage area, the data retention cannot be indefinite and needs to be cleared regularly. The second type of cash register can be operated on a single machine or connected to the internet. It can manage several to dozens of departments, manage a certain number of commodity items, and connect simple peripherals, cash registers such as bar code scanning equipment. There are also many types of cash registers in this category, and there are some differences in price and performance. Individual cash registers can print Chinese characters. Such representative cash register models include: CE4700 of CAIS0 Company of Japan, etc; LF500 of Shaoguan Longfei company, etc. The cash register processing program is fixed in the cash register and cannot be changed. The collection statistics report can be obtained from both the cash register and the networked computer. The cash register and the computer mostly use RS232 port for networked communication. The third type of cash register is also called PC- BASE cash register, whose hardware Foundation is the basic component of general-purpose computer, adopts international standards in production and has high standardization procedures. Because the hardware can well support the system software and application software to meet various needs, especially the relatively mature Chinese character system can be used to realize the input, display and printing of Chinese characters in the national standard font library. The third type of cash register not only has the general interface of computer, which can connect various networks, but also has special interfaces suitable for commercial environment, such as magnetic card reader, Cash Box and bar code reader peripheral interfaces, there is also a dedicated keyboard for the business environment, and each key can be redefined. Due to the complex application environment, its anti-interference capability and durability are much higher than those of general-purpose computers. The management software of the third type of cash register can be designed according to specific needs. Cash register purchase 1, purchase channel: the channel for purchasing the machine is particularly important. If you choose to go to the physical store to buy, the price will be relatively high, so try to look at the physical store, then go to the online store to see, the online price is relatively favorable, the price is relatively high 2, the cash register comment: if you choose the online store to buy, then you need to check the store's comments, as well as the store's reputation, if the general store has more favorable comments, it can prove that the quality of the cash register is better, and the seller is operating the store with care. Therefore, we still need to look at the comments 3. The appearance of the cash register: the general cash register represents the image of a shop. Therefore, the appearance of the cash register should be simple and generous, and give people a more fashionable feeling, in this way, consumers will also feel that this store is relatively regular. 4. Cash register function: Now food and beverage stores are becoming more and more Internet-based, and all good cash registers must have the function of directly docking the take-out platform, there are also Alipay payment and WeChat payment. These users use more functions. With these functions, they can bring convenience to customers while collecting money. 5. Cash register after-sales: If you buy an electronic product, you always have to buy good after-sales service. General electronic products have a one-year warranty period, and you need to know whether the cash register has passed 3C certification, ensure the later use of the machine. How to use the cash register 1. Select a flat and non-vibrating table to place the cash register. 2. The location of the cash register should be selected to avoid direct sunlight, little temperature change, away from water and less dust. 3. Please keep the cash register away from strong electromagnetic fields. 4. In areas or shops with poor power grid quality, regulated power supply shall be equipped to supply power to cash registers separately. 5. Please pay attention to using the same power supply voltage marked on the nameplate behind the casing, otherwise the machine will be seriously damaged or cannot work. It is better not to share a socket with other high-power frequently-started electrical appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners. The power socket should also be located close to the cash register and easy to plug in, so that the power can be cut off as soon as possible in case of emergency. 6. Ensure that the cash register is not in contact with any liquid. In case of such a situation, unplug the power plug immediately and notify the relevant dealer immediately.
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