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by:PTKSAI     2019-12-14
Jiebao's 'Gemini' Android smart cash register is on the market


In recent years, with the rise of mobile payment and O2O, the traditional windows cash register has been unable to meet the current Internet-based business needs of merchants due to its single function and no openness, however, with Android system and adapting to various scenes, the powerful internet intelligent cash register is increasingly favored by customers in retail, catering and other fields, and the demand is increasing.

as the most professional intelligent terminal and solution provider and information service provider in the field of Internet of Things, it is to capture the market demand of Android cash register and the pain and confusion of customer choice, and at the same time developed two models. Cost-effective, dual-screen display, multi-application scenarios' Android smart cash registers, JP2116 and JP2156.

'Gemini' Special Products, perfect coverage of multiple application scenarios

JP2116 and JP2156 are the latest Android multi-function intelligent terminal cash register developed and produced by Jiebao technology in 2018. It is equipped with high-performance quad-core processor, large-capacity memory, deeply customized Android operating system, and (JP2116: 11. 6 inch, JP2156: 15. 6 inch) Double screen, with USB, RS232, RJ11, RJ45 and other interfaces, can flexibly customize the required functional modules according to specific application scenarios.

Jiebao JP2116 and JP2156 intelligent cash registers can be widely used in supermarkets, chain restaurants, convenience stores, clothing stores, tobacco hotels, baking shops and other cash register, payment, purchase, sale and storage business management functions.

five functional features, showing strong'Inclusive'

1. Android system

The deeply customized Android operating system provides secondary development packages, easy to operate and easy to develop.

2. Unparalleled computing power

high-performance quad-core processor, large memory capacity, faster system Computing, stronger scalability and better user experience.

3. Support Dual Screen Display

support dual screen display, main screen and guest screen display different content. Support multi-touch, more human and easy-to-use Operation design. Where JP2116 is 11. 6 inches, JP2156 is 15. , Can be more perfect for all kinds of industries, all kinds of scenes.

4. Rich external interfaces

USB, RS232, RJ11, RJ45 and other interfaces, can support password keyboard, Cash Box, scanner/scanning platform, printer and other peripherals.

5. Flexible customization

according to specific application scenarios, the required functional modules can be flexibly customized to support OEM and ODM.

currently, JP2116 and JP2156 smart cash registers have been officially launched and listed, and fully accepted the reservation. Welcome new and old customer partners to come to consult.

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