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by:PTKSAI     2019-12-19
Lhasa has completed the upgrading and renovation of 4694 tax-controlled cash registers

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starting from July this year, Lhasa municipal state taxation bureau will deploy the threshold above (That is, monthly sales of 30 thousand yuan or more)Taxpayers to carry out tax-controlled cash register renovation work. By the end of October, 4694 tax-controlled cash registers had been renovated, which means that these taxpayers have been included in the VAT invoice upgrade system. The reformed new tax-controlled cash register can upload the code, code and other information of VAT invoices to the database of the State Administration of Taxation to identify authenticity under the condition of smooth network.

one window is open, and taxpayer satisfaction is continuously improved

The reporter learned that since July this year, lhasa the IRS in accordance with autonomous region the IRS unified deployment for taxpayer carry out tax cash register reform work. According to the order of taxpayers above the first threshold and below the later threshold, the content and process of the transformation work will be decomposed layer by layer and implemented item by item. The previous tax-controlled cash register was not connected to the internet. It was a stand-alone version of the tax-controlled cash register. Every month, taxpayers have to go to the nearest tax point to file tax returns. However, after the renovation, there is no need to go to the tax point to file tax returns, as long as there is a network, it can be completed at any time.

Since the upgrade of the tax-controlled cash register was launched, the tax authorities in Lhasa have notified the taxpayer to the nearest tax bureau one month in advance according to the requirements. ' We have adopted a window-to-window approach to allow taxpayers to complete the whole process of checking the old, copying tax returns and canceling the dismantling in one window, so as to avoid taxpayers going back and forth and shorten the processing time. At the same time, we will also increase the allocation of tax guidance forces in all aspects, increase the flow of tax guidance personnel, effectively guide taxpayers, improve tax efficiency, and actively respond to taxpayers' questions and needs, alleviate the anxiety of taxpayers due to long waiting time for tax administration, solve the problems encountered by taxpayers in the installation, distribution and use of tax control equipment in a timely manner, and continuously improve taxpayers' satisfaction. 'Lhasa city state taxation bureau cargo Labor section chief Loeb introduced.

tax control by ticket to reduce the tax collection process of both parties

taxpayers must go to the local tax bureau to make out invoices and pay taxes if they want to do business, according to the requirements of the State Taxation Bureau of the autonomous region, the renovation of the tax-controlled cash register is to standardize the taxpayer's obligations and enhance the taxpayer's understanding of the new tax-controlled cash register. Relevant staff of Lhasa state taxation bureau introduced to reporters:' Nowadays, the new tax-controlled cash register after the transformation can upload the value-added tax invoice information to the database of the State Administration of Taxation in real time under the condition that the network is unblocked, and the tax copying procedure is completed simultaneously, the tax collection process of both parties has been reduced. '

and the VAT roll invoice used by the reformed tax-controlled cash register will replace the previous general roll invoice and be incorporated into the management of VAT invoice to achieve'Tax control by ticket'And'Simplified procedure'The purpose of improving the convenience of the people. ' At the same time, you can also log in to the national VAT invoice inspection platform (https://inv-Veri. Chinatax. Gov. Cn /)Query the authenticity of the invoice. When units and individuals browse the platform for the first time, they should download the installation root certificate file, view the invoice operation instructions provided by the platform, and for invoices that do not meet the conditions ( Such as: code, code and check code errors) The reformed tax-controlled cash register can identify the authenticity in time ,' Lhasa city state taxation bureau cargo Labor section chief Loeb introduced.

The reporter learned that according to the requirements of the State Administration of Taxation of the autonomous region, Lhasa has transformed 4694 households in the upgrade management of the value-added tax invoice system in the whole region, basically realizing systematic management. In addition, roll-up invoices are also included in the management of VAT invoices. 'Tax control by ticket' It will be more standardized and tax supervision will be greatly improved.


an enterprise has received tax credit loans for two consecutive years

The Internal Revenue Service of Lhasa Economic Development Zone has continuously strengthened its'Silver tax interaction' To expand the depth of service, to provide more preferential policies and'One-on-one'Counseling to achieve win-win results. Recently, the 20 million yuan tax credit loan was successfully distributed to Tibet Cailun Tibetan Medicine Co. , Ltd. from the Agricultural Bank of China Tibet Lhasa city Chengbei sub-branch, this is also the second time that the enterprise has obtained a tax credit loan after successfully obtaining a tax credit loan of 10 million yuan in 2016 with good tax credit. This credit loan will inject vitality into the production and operation of enterprises and provide a solid financial guarantee for promoting enterprises to enter the fast track of industrial development and realizing chain-type development.

Zhang Ping, a legal person of Tibet Cailun Tibetan Medicine Co. , Ltd. , said:' In the future, we will cherish the reputation of the enterprise more, consistently be a conscientious enterprise, be an enterprise model of paying taxes in good faith, drive and lead more enterprises to abide by good faith, and develop towards the direction of building a healthy and healthy social credit system. '

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