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2017 domestic advertising machine market report

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-16
2017 domestic advertising machine overall market scale up to 86. 90 thousand units, up year on year. 1%, lower than the 17. 5% forecast at the beginning of the year. 1% year-on-year growth rate. Among them, due to the decrease in demand in the media industry, the promotion of smart city construction has not yet been shown, with a growth rate of only 13. 5%, also lower than expected at the beginning of the year; The outdoor market is mainly project-based. The market scale is affected by the project and fluctuates greatly. This year's panel price increase is also one of the important reasons that affect the outdoor growth rate. 40- The size segment of 59 has increased significantly, and the application of products has shifted to medium and large size. 2017 the indoor market, 30- 70% is still the mainstream size, accounting for more. 40- The 59-inch growth was obvious, accounting for more than 50% of the total, and the share increased by 43/55 age points year on year, mainly due to the increase in customer demand for-inch. At present, the trend of large size in the indoor market is obvious, and the share of small size below has dropped significantly. Outdoor market, 40- 83% is the mainstream, accounting for more. Among them, 50- The 59-inch growth was obvious, and the market share increased by more than 8 percentage points year-on-year. Outdoor products have a tendency to develop into medium and large sizes. Media and commercial retail are still the mainstream industries. Indoor commercial retail and outdoor transportation industries are growing significantly. In the indoor market, media, commercial retail and other industries are still the main sub-sectors. In the commercial retail industry, with the increasing demand for advertising machine products in chain retail and rural Taobao projects, the sales volume has increased significantly, with the share increasing by nearly 10 percentage points; The media industry has declined by nearly 5 percentage points. In the outdoor market, transportation, commercial real estate and other industries are the main sub-sectors. With the construction of smart cities (Smart transportation, smart community) Put on the agenda, the demand for outdoor advertising machines in smart transportation and smart community projects has increased, and the share of transportation industry and community has increased; The transportation industry grew significantly, up more than age points, and the Community industry also grew by 4. 4% increase. On 2017, the State Grid invited bids for six batches of charging piles and planned to build 2. 90 thousand charging piles; It will reach 120 thousand by 2020. The charging pile of the intelligent advertising machine integrates charging and media communication, and the intelligent payment method will certainly be welcomed by users. Although the growth rate of the advertising machine market in 2017 was lower than expected, with the gradual landing of smart city projects, smart city construction related industries (Transportation, medical, financial, community, etc) The demand for advertising machine products in chain retail will continue to increase, and there is still much room for development in the advertising machine market in the future. In the Internet era, all industries pay attention to the integration of the Internet, develop intelligent user experience, and the market share of interactive products will continue to increase in the future.
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