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2018 Beijing International vending machines and self-service products exhibition

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-16
As for POS machines, many people's impression is still at the stage of swiping cards and paying. However, technology is changing with each passing day. The new generation of intelligent POS has already had many unexpected new functions, even became an artifact in the restaurant to order the cashier. Pos cash register what is smart POS? Different from the traditional POS, the intelligent POS machine takes mobile payment as its basic function and uses the merchant management cloud platform supporting the intelligent POS to realize collection management, member management, store management, etc, at the same time, it can also realize merchant information management and statistical analysis. What are the functions of cash register intelligent POS? In addition to the functions of aggregation payment, Message integration, operation, card voucher marketing, big data and so on described in the above figure, the smart POS can use third-party service providers to realize various functions such as ordering and cash register, for example, if you download the Swordfish ordering software on the smart pos, you can perform a variety of operations such as ordering cashier, queuing number, and take-out management. How does smart POS realize ordering cash register for 10 seconds? Ptksai ordering is an intelligent ordering system specially developed for small and medium-sized catering businesses. It only needs to download ptksai ordering software on the intelligent POS, you can realize a variety of functions such as ordering, cash register, queuing, take-out integration, big data analysis, etc. , save inefficient catering businesses, and make ordering cash register 10 seconds a reality! The intelligent POS machine ordering waiter holds the intelligent POS with ptksai ordering, ordering on behalf of the customer, eliminating the troublesome recording process; Customers can also scan the two-dimensional code of Sailfish ordering for self-service ordering, and the order will be synchronized to the smart pos. After receiving the prompt, the waiter can confirm the order and place the order. The back kitchen printer and smart POS can print orders synchronously, saving the waiter flyer time. The cashier supports scan code payment and credit card payment. A lightweight smart pos can replace the bulky cash register machine. Customers can also scan the Sailfish order QR code for self-service payment. The cashier does not have to go to the front desk, don't be too convenient. Queuing does not require additional purchase of queuing Machines. During peak hours, customers are automatically queued to pick up the number and guide them to eat in order. Take-out Fusion ptksai ordering fusion three take-out platforms, to achieve N entrances and one exit, you can easily pick up orders on smart POS. All shops with hot business, such as Shenzhen * Fire's single-item store Rixiang goose meat hotel, 'tip of the tongue 2' recommended Shantou food for a hundred years of silver screen, as well as Nanjing south duck blood vermicelli soup, where Wu Jing's Wolf dream began. . . . . . Many small and medium-sized restaurants can see ptksai ordering and smart POS! Ptksai ordering intelligent POS = cash register, ordering machine POS machine, printer, queuing machine, attendance machine mainstream intelligent POS on the market, such as Wang pos, Hui POS, Lacarra intelligent POS, Meituan intelligent POS, etc, the selling price is around one thousand yuan. Compared with the expensive and complicated ordering cash register system and hardware, the Swordfish ordering intelligent POS is simply a money-saving tool for catering businesses!
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