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2019, the first year of face-brushing payment. In the future, can face-brushing payment replace two-dimensional code payment? The answer is yes

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-21
In 2019, the development of technology and the update and iteration of application were caught off guard. 5G technology, face-brushing payment has entered the first year of business, and the unmanned self-help mode has gradually become a common existence. 2020 is the beginning of the next decade. In an era of rapid change, what will be the development of face-brushing payment? In the future, can brush face payment replace two-dimensional code payment? First of all, let's trace back to the development history of the payment industry. From POS machine payment to NFC payment, to two-dimensional code and fingerprint payment, to today's face-brushing payment, payment institutions, as suppliers, play the role of actively creating demand, has brought incalculable value. Nowadays, the promotion and application of face-brushing payment is not only an innovation of payment technology, but also a profound change in the face of social life, it has brought great value and super experience to users, businesses and the whole society. From the user's point of view, face-brushing payment is more convenient and fast, and there is no need for mobile phones and cash as payment media in the payment process. This new payment method not only brings good payment experience to users, but also greatly improves work efficiency and is favored by more and more users. According to research, 38. 6% of the interviewed users think that the main advantage of face-brushing payment is high intelligence, while other advantages include no need to pay media to avoid the situation that the mobile phone has no electricity or forget to bring it and cannot pay, as well as reducing payment time and experiencing novelty. From the perspective of merchants, face-brushing payment empowers the business development. The payment process is simple, which can improve the cash register efficiency and reduce the congestion of the store team. The store can accommodate more passengers and save operating costs. The data shows that the application of face-brushing payment products is obvious for the improvement of the daily operation of the merchants. Among them, face-brushing payment is the most obvious way to improve customer experience, with 94. 5% respectively. 4% and 89. 6% of the merchants interviewed said that after accessing the face-brushing payment products, the queuing efficiency and customer praise of their shops have improved. From a social point of view, an efficient face-brushing payment method can save social time costs and improve the overall social work efficiency. In addition, face-brushing payment is linked to the public security second-generation ID card database, which can be targeted to specific individuals. The extensive use of face-brushing payment is conducive to the improvement of the social credit system. It is worth mentioning that the form of face-brushing payment industry chain has taken initial shape and has begun to drive social employment. It has driven a series of new industries and new occupations such as face brushing hardware manufacturers, sensor manufacturers, camera manufacturers, Internet of Things installers, after-sales maintenance, etc, alipay alone has directly or indirectly driven the employment of at least 500,000 people. But what we can see is that how things have both good and bad sides in the process of development. In the initial stage of industry development, the coexistence of opportunities and risks is inevitable. 42. 0% of the interviewed users think that face-brushing payment may have the problem of low success rate, 39. 0% of the interviewed users are worried about the occurrence of personal information disclosure and aerial theft. Although face-brushing payment has advantages over other payment methods, due to its short development time, it still has great room for improvement in technology and application promotion. So, in the future, how will the development of face-brushing payment replace two-dimensional code payment? The answer is yes! The reasons are as follows: first, China's payment innovation has reached no man's land. As the most important payment service providers, Alipay and WeChat have the responsibility, obligation and motivation to create new payment methods. Second, QR code payment must not be the most important payment method in the future. What is it? No one knows, but this is also the meaning of exploring face-to-face payment. Third, only by changing the track can Alipay not be eroded by WeChat payment and have the opportunity to crush WeChat payment again. If we say'Spring Festival Gala red envelope' It is the sneak attack of Pearl Harbor paid by WeChat, so the face-brushing payment may become Alipay's Normandy landing. Looking at the evolution of the payment industry, there is no way to become the mainstream. The year 2019 was called the first year of face-brushing payment. The development prospect of face-brushing payment has gradually been recognized by the market, which is mainly driven from the three levels of users, merchants and society. Whoever can seize the Highland and take the lead in the market fight will win the market!
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