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2020 Alipay brush face payment dragonfly and desktop brush face cash register latest subsidy policy

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-20
The so-called' A day of IS morning a year's plan starts with spring' The new year has begun, and everyone will make New Year's resolutions one after another. Alipay also launched a new reward policy as 2020 approaches. Let's take a look at Alipay's latest policy on face-brushing payment equipment! Desktop brush face payment cashier equipment subsidy policy: as the only desktop brush face payment cash register currently selected for Alipay subsidy list, Tianbo intelligent double-screen brush face payment cash register TPS680C can also enjoy Alipay's official subsidy policy. Policy Plan: within 5 months from the next month after the face brushing device is activated, the total number of real-name users of Alipay who perform effective face brushing payment transactions through the device on each natural day is accumulated in the current month]×2 yuan ×Monthly coefficient. (The coefficient within the validity period of this scheme is tentatively set at 0. 35. ) The subsidy for each face brushing device in a single natural month does not exceed RMB 800 yuan, and the total subsidy for each face brushing device during the event does not exceed RMB 2000 yuan. Alipay Dragonfly brush face payment equipment subsidy policy: reward policy Time: January 1, 2020- March 30, 2020 1. For Alipay Dragonfly equipment service providers: when the number of newly purchased Alipay Dragonfly equipment is greater than or equal to 300 units per month, and when the batch of face-brushing payment equipment generates more than 10 effective face-brushing payment users, they can enjoy an additional subsidy of 100 yuan per set. ( Accounting Cycle as of May 31, 2020) For example, an Alipay Dragonfly service provider purchased 350 face brushing devices in January 2020, of which 100 reached the standard in February, these 100 units can enjoy the new subsidy of 100 yuan per unit, and the rest will not be able to enjoy the subsidy if they do not reach the target by May 31. ) 2. For marketing funds: in order to improve the enthusiasm of stores and users who use Alipay dragonflies, Alipay has launched a marketing fund policy. During the policy period (January 2020-March 31) Every time a new device is activated, it can be matched with a marketing fund of 200 yuan/set for consumer activities. For example, if an Alipay Dragonfly face brushing equipment service provider newly activated 100 devices in January 2020, it can enjoy a marketing fund of 200 yuan per device. This marketing fund can be used as a random red envelope for face-brushing Payment Users to attract more people to use face-brushing payment in stores. 3. Equipment basic policy: within the validity period of the policy, complete Alipay Dragonfly face brushing equipment according to 0. 7 yuan/day to repeat the monthly cumulative number of valid face brushing users. The monthly ceiling reward is 400 yuan, and the single equipment ceiling reward is 1600 yuan. The above incentive policy activities will be held in September 24, 2019-March 30, 2020. It can be seen that the purchase of Alipay Dragonfly face brush equipment or Tianbo desktop face brush payment cash register TPS680C can enjoy Alipay subsidies. In particular, Alipay Dragonfly face brushing equipment has added an additional subsidy of 100 yuan and a marketing fund of 200 yuan to bring more benefits to stores and operators.
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