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2020 prospect: face brushing equipment terminal is expected to become a new entrance to intelligent English

2020 prospect: face brushing equipment terminal is expected to become a new entrance to intelligent system

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-20
At the end of 2019, AI Media Consulting released the 'special research report on the social value of China's face-brushing payment technology application in 2019', summarizing the development of face-brushing payment in 2019. According to the report, the number of face-brushing payment users has reached 1. 1. 8 billion people, 70% of whom think that face-brushing payment is safer than password payment. The face-brushing payment cash register represented by Alipay Dragonfly adopts 3D structured light face recognition technology and intelligent recognition algorithm to ensure that face-brushing payment can resist attacks from photos, videos and 3D masks. In addition to improving the cash register efficiency for catering Retail, brush face payment has successively introduced and opened up functions such as member management, Light members, self-service cash register applet, cloud payment, etc, it has also promoted the digital upgrading and transformation of catering and retail industry and provided a new operation mode. Pan Helin, executive director of the Digital Economy Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, believes that this is exactly the difference between face-brushing payment and code-scanning payment. Some hospitals in Hangzhou use Alipay Dragonfly face-brushing equipment, which can not only confirm the identity of patients, but also open up citizen medical insurance cards. After the doctor's inquiry, the patient can directly brush his face to pay the medical expenses, without waiting in line at the payment office, saving the hospital's medical Time, which is especially convenient for the elderly or the group with inconvenient movement. Face brushing payment does not need to pass the payment medium, does not need to pay cash, can also reduce the spread of bacteria in the hospital. In addition, Alipay Dragonfly face brushing device has identity verification function and is expected to become an intelligent hardware terminal entrance for Intelligent Systems in the future. It is used for face payment, face access control, face punching, face registration, face verification and face pickup. Brush face into the station and other diversified scenes. Lin Shumin, a senior expert at Alipay IOT, said that Alipay Dragonfly face brushing devices can provide a natural interactive experience for businesses and customers, connecting people and devices. At the same time, Alipay Dragonfly face brushing equipment can connect other hardware devices through small programs and instructions, such as ID card readers, code sweepers, etc. , to realize the connection and control of things and things, this is one of the advantages of Alipay Dragonfly face brushing equipment as the entrance to the Internet of Things intelligent terminal. Different ISV service providers and developers also expand application scenarios based on the functions of Alipay Dragonfly face brushing equipment, and will gradually build a commercial ecological construction in the future.
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