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2020 wechat open class Pro officially opened,

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-02
On January 9, 2020 wechat open course Pro arrived as agreed and officially opened in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo. As an annual industry event, wechat open class brings together the latest product function and the most cutting-edge application technology under wechat ecology. Representatives of maker technology also participated in this open class. They went to this & ldquo; annual appointment & rdquo; and listened to wechat & ldquo; voice of the future & rdquo;. In addition, three kinds of face painting payment functions & mdash; & mdash; independent cash register, face painting pre authorization and light members created by maker technology were also invited to show at the open class exhibition. Creative products appear in frog exhibition area. This wechat open class Pro is themed with & ldquo; unfinished always beta & rdquo;. It has a main forum and 11 sub forums, involving focus topics such as small programs, enterprise wechat, intelligent education, retail fashion, search and AI. At the beginning of the open class, Zhang Xiaolong, the father of wechat, made an opening speech through video, and put forward seven thoughts on information interconnection, including sensitive topics such as privacy transfer, advertising push and social relations. In the speech, Zhang Xiaolong revealed new actions such as wechat will make efforts to 'short content' and expand the maximum number of friends. The main forum starts with the ecological topic of small programs. Wechat team reviewed the development of small programs last year & mdash; & mdash; in 19, the number of active users per day of small programs exceeded 300 million, the volume of transactions exceeded 800 billion, an increase of nearly 160%, and the momentum of steady growth continued. At the same time, the number of applets used by people has nearly doubled in the past year. For the brand new 2020, wechat proposes that the goal of small programs is to help everyone create their own business closed-loop. In this regard, how to solve the problem of natural addition of users, so that users with needs can find small programs that can meet their needs? The speaker proposed that, on the basis of the existing small program search, the search experience should be continuously optimized; on the other hand, the hidden needs of users should be explored, and an attempt should be made at the small program discovery portal to further strengthen based on content, social relations and geographical location. In addition, this open class also revealed the progress of more small program shopping. With the upgrade of APP ads, wechat will focus on building business transaction scenarios and enhancing the trust of APP shopping. Through the establishment of brand certification, optimization of logistics tools, the establishment of transaction security system and other ways to increase the code business scene construction. The app will also add live selling, shopping and other capabilities to explore more business scenarios. In the open class, wechat team showed the latest version of enterprise wechat 3.0. According to the introduction, enterprise wechat 3.0 has released three internal capabilities: customer contact: enterprise members can use enterprise wechat to add customer wechat and label customers; customer group: the number of external group chat is upgraded to 100, and enterprise members can pull customers into external group chat and provide many to one or one to many accompanying services; customer circle: enterprise members can release professional services We can also interact with customers' comments. Through the enterprise wechat, the internal can make the information flow more efficient, and the external can connect the 1.1 billion active users of wechat. The new enterprise wechat friend circle of the enterprise wechat version 3.0 function (source: wechat) is the biggest highlight of this version. Enterprises can use this channel to maintain their customers for a long time. Through & ldquo; second touch & rdquo;, we can provide customers with professional services with temperature and improve the repurchase rate. This coincides with the core values held by the maker Technology & mdash; & mdash; products are practical and valuable, and the service profession is warm. &The most valuable asset of an enterprise in the future is the user. The site has mentioned the key of user value more than once. Chen Chunhua, a scholar at Peking University, also said that the fundamental reason for the future development of enterprises lies in whether they are with customers. The value of technology does not lie in the technology itself, but in providing solutions for life and people. In 2020, you and I should pay more attention to symbiotic value. On the spot of the open class, Chen Chunhua, a Peking University scholar, brings a speech and shares (picture source: wechat). Wechat payment score is the next focus in the field of wechat payment. Since its first anniversary, wechat payment sub users have exceeded 100 million, with an average of 3.8 times per user per month. Wechat payment points have helped users reduce deposit expenses in multiple deposit prepayment scenarios. Meanwhile, through credit screening, wechat payment points have helped businesses to select the best consumers and reduce the possibility of bad debts. In addition, wechat also embeds the payment ability and introduces the marketing tool & mdash; & mdash; wechat pre owned card. This function can reduce the decision threshold of swing users and maintain long-term consumption relationship in a flexible & ldquo; Agreement & rdquo. On site display of payment points and pre owned card functions (source: wechat). In addition, the first report on the economic influence on the code was released on the site of the open class, which revealed the economic and social influence of wechat based on QR code. In 2019, wechat generated an economic scale of more than 8 trillion yuan. Wechat open ecology promotes the application of QR code in various fields of social economy, realizes the value fission from social network to commercial network based on QR code, and the combination of the two greatly promotes the germination and development of 'code economy' in China. The history of wechat development (source: wechat) in addition to the wonderful speech forum, the function exhibition has also attracted great attention. The second independent cash register equipment created by maker technology also officially appeared in wechat frog exhibition area. The three functions of this exhibition are as follows: 1. Independent cash collection function does not need other hardware equipment, does not need to be installed and integrated, quick connect brush face payment; 2. Brush face pre authorization (deposit) function deposit is safe and convenient for collection and return. One button refunding, deposit refunding to customer payment account 3. Accurate touch of the function marketing of light members, improvement of wechat payment marketing ecology, greatly enhanced the marketing ability of merchants on the spot, practical landing function attracted many audiences to experience and understand, and there were a lot of people in front of the exhibition stand of maker products. The on-site audience experience the product wechat open class of maker technology, which is a stage for display, communication and learning, and can give us many inspiration and opportunities every year. Maker technology will also make use of the more open capacity of WeChat ecology to develop more professional products and provide more temperature services. As the theme of open class says, all the completion is the preface, and all the unfinished is the foreshadowing.
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