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3D mask breaks, face brush agent trap, identity information theft . . . . . . Brush face payment security issues!

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-20
2019 is the first year of face-brushing payment business. According to the 'special research report on the social value of China's face-brushing payment technology application in 2019' released by AI media consulting, the number of face-brushing payment users in 2019 will reach 1. 1. 8 billion people, will break through 7 by 2022. 0. 6 billion people. Some people even assert that in the future, one of every two Chinese will use face-brushing payment. According to statistics, the top five usage scenarios for face-brushing payment users are: supermarkets and convenience stores (40. 7%), Shopping mall (35. 2%), Vending machine (27. 8%), To store entertainment consumption (26. 9%)And restaurant consumption (19. 4%). There are 94 respectively. 4% and 89. After 6% of the stores access the face-brushing payment products, the queuing efficiency and customer evaluation have increased, 56. 5% of the interviewed users think that face-brushing payment saves more than 20% of the payment time. Face-brushing payment is combined with different functions, which can carry out two functions: identity verification and capital transaction, and can be applied to supermarket convenience stores, transportation rides, hospital pharmacies, Hotel scenic spots, gas stations and other scenes, it can be seen that there are other application scenarios with large mining space. We know that the development and popularization of all new things are often accompanied by various deficiencies. For example, an artificial intelligence company in San Diego, USA, claimed that it could cheat the face recognition system with special 3D masks. For example, many swindler companies claimed that they had brushed their faces to pay the exclusive agent for investment promotion and defrauding the agency fees, the so-called face-brushing payment agent can give a free face-brushing Cash Register (Most of them are fake face-brushing cash registers)Wait for the routine. People can't help but want to ask, is face-brushing payment reliable? Or which one is reliable for face-brushing payment? In fact, when Alipay launched the Dragonfly face payment cash register, it had already estimated the possibility of countless risks. In response to the attacks of photos, videos and 3D masks, Alipay Dragonfly face-brushing cash register adopts a 3D structured light face recognition camera, plus a face recognition visual algorithm and an intelligent risk control system, can effectively prevent stealing brush. Moreover, Alipay itself, as a giant internet platform, can guarantee full compensation, which is not what ordinary fake face-brushing cash registers can do. With the popularization of face-brushing payment and the expansion of face-brushing equipment functions, the requirements for intelligent hardware are also constantly improving. For example, Alipay's member management, small program development, light member, cloud payment and other functions need to run multiple small programs and software on the Dragonfly face cash register, need the support of intelligent hardware performance. From the memory performance point of view, Alipay Dragonfly F1 brush face cash register memory is 4G, while Alipay Dragonfly F4 memory is 2G, running fluency will be lower than Alipay Dragonfly F1. In the future, Alipay Dragonfly brush face cash register is not only a cash register, but also a smart device and the entrance to the aggregation scene, bringing more possibilities for new business.
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