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5g ai technology brings better user experience to face-brushing payment, and the scenes are more div English

5g ai technology brings better user experience to face-brushing payment, and the scenes are more diversified!

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-20
The combination of big data and 5G of face-brushing payment will surely break up with other gorgeous fireworks. Face-brushing payment will once again set off another technological revolution in the field of mobile payment. With the deep combination of 5G network commerce and AI technology, the payment method will be accelerated in 2019 and will enter a new era of face-brushing payment. According to statistics, the future face recognition market size will maintain a growth rate of about 20%. It can be seen that it is only a matter of time before face-brushing payment is fully realized. Many people in the industry have shown that some enterprises can only win the first opportunity in this new round of science and technology and industrial revolution, occupy the future market and reap the dividends of traffic only by accelerating the layout of face payment! After the payment industry enters the face-brushing era, the face-brushing technology will be integrated with the 5G wave and will provide more accurate, more perfect and more diversified service forms and marketing scenarios, its comprehensive application will bring more intelligent experience to enterprises, and will also indirectly lead to a new industry change, which will play a real role in empowering 5g ai. The reason why scan code payment can replace cash and credit card payment is based on a more convenient payment experience. Consumers only need to bring a mobile phone, using the mobile phone to scan the code can complete the payment form in many scenes, eliminating the inconvenience of carrying cash or bank cards, reducing the risk of loss and theft, and increasing the user-centered payment experience! There are many sets of customized services, but the scan code payment is also over-dependent on the mobile phone as a medium, and when the mobile phone forgets to bring and has no electricity, it is also helpless. Based on this user's pain point, face-brushing payment simply abandons the mobile phone, which is a carrier medium, and even does not need to enter a payment password to crush other payment methods in terms of convenience; At the same time, in terms of security, face-brushing payment adopts face recognition technology, and the system has a very high recognition degree, reaching the financial level and completely solving the risk of payment code being stolen. In terms of payment benefits, face-to-face payment has also made great changes; For example, at the peak of checkout in supermarkets, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. , consumers can use the face-brushing payment to pay by themselves, without having to queue up at the checkout counter, which greatly improves the cash register efficiency and improves the circulation rate of shops. Face-brushing payment releases hundreds of millions of business opportunities and the gradual popularization of face-brushing payment methods will be a subversive experience for the whole society. For consumers, without carrying a mobile phone, they can'Brush face' Going around the world has greatly liberated the excessive dependence on payment media such as mobile phones. For merchants, it can reduce costs and increase profits; Improve the operation efficiency and service ability of the store service, at the same time, help the store wisdom to upgrade the payment system and iterative hardware equipment, and enhance the powder absorption ability, many small shops have data sources that can carry out secondary marketing, and marketing has pertinence. The future payment method of face-brushing equipment will be constructed by face-brushing, which is the general trend. This is also a 0. 1 billion-level market opportunity. The former giants of Alipay, WeChat payment and UnionPay will compete, after that, there is a blessing of 5G technology on the network. This is an undisputed huge outlet and blue sea of the market. Whoever can know first and lay out the market earlier will get a stronger bonus of the times. To sum up, through the shadow of 5G, we have seen a more intelligent future, and face-to-face payment is beneficial to consumers, businesses and service providers. In front of the huge market space, the future of face-brushing payment is immeasurable and will become the next master in the payment era.
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