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7 features every all-in-one pos system must have

by:PTKSAI     2019-10-23
Like their printer. in-
A POS system combines a variety of technologies and integrates them into one shell to maximize the value and convenience of the end user.
When it comes to a wholein-
A POS system, we mean a system that can easily provide everything the enterprise needs to start dealing with the customer.
While many manufacturers claim some of their productsin-
First, they are often not enough. In fact, they will bring extra purchases and troubles.
So what is necessaryin-
Is there a POS system? Built-
Touch screen display-
Of course, we have to start at the center.
Part of the POS system-
User interface.
Touch screens accelerate transaction processing in retail and food services.
With screen menus and quick access buttons, even novice users will find their way quickly and reduce training time.
The touch screen should be able to resist spills and dirt and demonstrate a sturdy design to withstand harsh and often rough use for a long time. 2. Built-
Show in customer-
The customer insisted on knowing what the clerk called so they could follow. A built-
This requirement was addressed in the customer display.
In addition, it can be used as an advertising platform where stores can Post marketing information and promotions, making it possible to increase sales. 3.
Integrated printer with easy functionalityLOAD -
While this may seem obvious at the beginning, many vendors offerin-
A product that does not have this basic requirement.
This means end users need to buy and set-up-
Instead of just using an integrated printer.
While many believe that external printers are easier to serve, according to previously defined standards,in-
A POS system should come with the printer, though.
You cannot process the customer without a receipt.
Simple loads allow users to simply put paper rolls when paper runs out, reducing downtime.
In order to reduce the waiting time of customers, a fast hot printer is especially needed.
These should also support graphics for logos, barcodes, and marketing information. 4. POS Software -
It looks obvious, but a lot of peoplein-
A POS system is just made up of an empty hardware shell with nothing running on it.
Again, onein-
A printer does not scan, fax or print without a software driver feature.
The same principle should apply to allin-one POS system.
While one might argue that merchants should choose the software they want to run, if we apply the criteria we define, thenin-
A POS system should be designed to solve the extra hassle.
Choosing the 100% compatible POS software and having to install it is a headache.
This is definitely a must if you want a complete system. 5. Interfaces -an all-in-
A pos should provide the latest interface to support devices that are not integrated, such as scales, PCs, or scanners.
The LAN interface is especially important for future expansion, which allows multiple POS systems to stay connected and share data in real time.
Networking also opens options for device sharing, office computers, processing, and remote support.
At least, a wholein-
A POS system should include USB, RS232, and LAN interfaces. 6.
Magnetic card reader-
In order to provide services such as customer accounts, operators sign-
You will want a magnetic stripe reader in the loyalty card.
This eliminates the need for manual data entry and improves the efficiency of such services. 7. Security -
The harder the POS system, the better. All-in-
A POS system should stick to this as well.
Closed embedded systems will significantly reduce the exposure of malware because there are very few malware that attacks it.
In addition, it does not allow any type of 3rd-party software to be installed.
Because of the popularity of personal computers, it bears the brunt here.
If we want something that will provide maximum value and convenience then we should not install additional security or backup-up software.
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