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A cashier management software 丨 understand customers increase the rate of stores after purchase!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-11
How to retain the potential consumption of the individual? To increase the rate of stores after purchase, this is all the stores are facing the problem. Many stores management method is wrong, lead to the customer's lead is not high, income is not high. Promoted to a physical store to buy rate, by understanding the customer's preferences and habits, to make offer to customer. Conventional way is stored value card do members, make integral, coupons, and these methods are not enough. Also need to have a can understand members cashier management software. 1. Member of precision analysis, understand to each member cashier and management and integration of the cashier pos machine, is the key to the rate of commission stores after purchase, when customers become a member, businesses can locate precisely to each customer, to effective management and analysis. Through each time to buy goods from the customers used to locate customers, such as which customers consumption frequency, can be defined as loyal customers; Which customer consumption amount is large, can be defined as the effective customer; Which customer fewer consumption, consumption amount is too little, may be defined as the customer silence, according to different customers, take different marketing strategy. If the store have any new products or to carry out marketing activities, positioning can directly implement membership marketing management. 2. Give members emotion humanities concern it's also a good point, such as send some holiday greeting SMS, or birthday wishes, virtually make customer feel the warmth of the store. This generally includes the following three ways: ( 1) System automatically inform the class: the main is to let customers detailed master integral and consumption. ( 2) Custom categories: according to the customer demand to set up the corresponding demand message template, send in the important moment, improve the work efficiency. ( 3) Birthday wishes: the system can record the member's birthday, and then every year to send birthday wishes, customer care. Consumption during the birthday can sell integral double or full reduction activities, holiday under the SMS send blessing also takes up the recent preferential activities, let messages only care power can also drive the consumption. 3. Encourage the new and old customers to bring customers need an enterprise long-term development, old customers is crucial, but to open up new customers are heavy, corporate advertising, run the market is absolutely more than the cost of old customer to introduce the cost of the customer. Here small make up recommend them to a cashier system & ndash; — Of shimron cashier system, for the traditional retail enterprise professional build new solutions, help enterprises to quickly build new retail platform, realize the online stores, member of the unified management, unified marketing, absolutely is your management's right-hand man.
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