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A new application online! Jia bo the printer power cloud 'invoice', through the online shopping experience, 'the last kilometer' problem. . . . . .

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-11
Have you ever tried this, checkout at gas stations or on other consumer after checkout, after a long long long long long waiting, just to ask the invoice back to submit an expense account. . . . . Alas! The company's financial reimbursement to print invoices, especially online shopping most of all is to provide electronic invoice! WeChat, pay treasure, the place such as SMS opened a pile of electronic invoice don't know how to play out? From now on, you don't have to face such a trouble! Yangtze river after the waves steady, new appointee in floating thing, to get through the online shopping experience & other; Throughout the last kilometer problem &; Jia bo electronic self-help invoice cloud printing solution is coming! Cloud jia bo electronic invoice printing is introduced: beautiful cloud bo electronic invoice printing system integration WeChat, alipay and SMS to receive electronic invoices channel, electronic self-help invoice printing services, offering merchants & other Invoice cloud play & throughout; Electronic self-help invoice printing solution. For businesses, the need to purchase a better bo GP - CH421D intelligent cloud printers, printers have been bound in jia bo cloud cloud system, merchants to choose printer parameters ( Merchant code, API secret key, terminal number) Generate electronic invoice cloud print exclusive qr code for the printer on the machine, by the customer self-service operation can, do not need to match the specialist maintenance, time management greatly save merchants labor costs. To the user, using WeChat or pay treasure to scan on the machine of qr code, can be connected to the printer, select need to print invoices, the content of SMS invoice is copy paste printing. Jia bo GP - CH421D a specially designed to print an invoice 4 'tag cloud printer, this is also the most fire & throughout; Cloud technology & other; An extension of the product, without tedious operation, also do not need additional connection equipment such as computer, only need to access network, the user can use WeChat or pay treasure to scan the qr code, self-help print an invoice, set play, very convenient.
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