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A new, dual screen intelligent cash register

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-22
Cash register is a part of the whole cash register system. Other hardware of the cash register system includes printer, scanning machine, etc. In addition to the functions of cash collection, the cash collection system often has the functions of inventory management, membership, marketing and so on. In consideration of compatibility and after-sales maintenance, it is recommended to purchase a cash register integrating system and machine. There are many types of cash registers on the market, so what factors should merchants consider when selecting cash registers? Shenyi Xingrong Yi S1 main functions: 1. Operation module purchase, sales, inventory, cost management decision-making, etc., to facilitate the management of the store; 2. Basic setting of special price items, package items, gifts, preferential methods (delivery, coupons, discounts, etc.) 3. Support member management, support points, discount management, and member stored value card setting different member levels, member consumption volume It can be divided into exchange, discount for members of different grades, and saving before consumption. 4. Report analysis: salesman's report, sales details, member recharge details, points details, business summary report, monthly sales report statistics, sales slip, daily sales report statistics. 5. System management set up employee account, employee authority, a fashionable and convenient cash register can not only save a lot of labor time, but also greatly increase the store image and consumption level. Yi S1 has two screens in one, the host is easy to install, the toughened glass surface of the capacitance screen has a very obvious corrosion resistance advantage, even the acid and alkali are also impeccable, which makes the merchants more comfortable. The screen is upgraded to 1080p Full HD full view, 15.6 inch display and 12 inch high brightness LED guest display, which supports advertising video playback and gives a new feeling. The efficiency of the equipment is also improved to LAN port, cash box port, 4 USB ports, micro USB debugging port, 2 serial ports, power port and audio interface. MicroSD support, memory can be expanded to 32g. Color configuration is also available in white, black and single screen. Shenyi Xingrong cash register adopts mainstream cloud technology, which is one of the stable cash register software in China, and is also an early cash register software developer to realize real-time connection with mobile Internet in the industry. Strong compatibility, cross platform support for most mainstream devices, integration of a variety of payment methods to meet the needs of different users. The supporting intelligent hardware establishes the connection with consumers, enhances user experience, realizes store digitalization and consumption demand scenario, facilitates merchants' mobile, remote and chain management, and has strong online and offline integrated operation function, helps merchants integrate online and offline channels, and realizes marketing integration. At present, the world has nearly 10000 users, covering catering, retail and other industries.
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