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A story after 80 entrepreneurs, brush face pay & people choose the new hing group

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-11
Time unconsciously came to 2020, after the first group of 80 also ushered in the forties. After years grinding and life test, has become the backbone of society after 80, but at the same time, they also seem to be away with the trend of The Times, in the face of all kinds of sudden visit opportunities, not only in hindsight, and unconsciously, often opportunities to walk, only regret. A service from the shenzhen brush face pay business entrepreneurs & ndash; — Zhi-jun he, that is, after a 80, also is the father of the child at the age of 6. He used his eight years in shenzhen, he believed that as the voice of the grassroots entrepreneurs: seize the opportunity, at any time can make a successful counter attack! When I asked him why he would choose to do brush face pay, zhi-jun he recalled the year before last year. When his plastic factory capital turnover difficult, but he never thought and his brother on the wine table at ordinary times the customer friend, at the time of their most difficult, does not want to let go. On the eve of Spring Festival can't send salary, a year in the face of hard work but unable to get home for the holiday, the workers wages, zhi-jun he choose to sell cars to repatriate funds. It is also the experience, let him decisive decided to transition, to start a new career, firmly grasp the fate in their own hands. Exactly what to do project? Follow the trend certainly not wrong, zhi-jun he wanted to. Just at that time, brush face payment began to rise, it reminded him of a few years ago, and code to pay from the nascent to sweeping the country, but also is a wink. He sometimes think, if I had just seized the opportunity, not now still in the running for their lives. “ China mobile payment always walk in the forefront in the world, under the brush face pay will certainly create a miracle. ” Zhi-jun he explained, & other; It's quick and easy is unmatched by any other means of payment. You imagine, when friends are pay phones, when to start the App, the losing combination lock, and you just have to face the screen smiled, as if it were to complete self-time, immediately is complete payment, whether very cool. From the point of view of merchants, fast one second, is more of a second income. ” He believes that brush face payment will be the next outlet, so determined to seize this opportunity. Lack of knowledge in the field of brush face to pay, he would start from myself. From subsidies to the technology and equipment, each channel, details, he understand and experience. In the end he chose the new brush face to pay. Entrepreneurship, in his opinion, the first step, is to find a platform by the spectrum. New world is the leader of the industry, at the same time is to pay treasure to WeChat brush unionpay face pay core partners, whether it's technology, equipment, or policies are trustworthy. But in the face of such a new field, natural little also not all kinds of challenges: from the device to the ground, marketing to the operation and maintenance, almost every aspect has to deal with a difficult problem. “ Ok my side one of partners & ndash; — Hing group. ” He said, & other; People hing group, the teacher always can use my experience and resources to help me solve the problem, especially the guidance of their training special big help to me, can be said to be the hand and taught me how to do brush face to pay, I will not worry because you don't have the base completely. I this & lsquo; Layman & rsquo; Now also can guide your team. ” How to balance work and life, it is a difficult problem. Brush for zhi-jun he do face pay project, not only his income is higher than when the factory owner several times, but there is more to accompany his daughter, his wife's family time. At this time, he's not entrepreneurs, nor service providers, is the father of his daughter. “ High quality of the company is most in need of child, even if the time is limited. ” Zhi-jun he said. As a father, He Zhi military company daughter grow your own way. While he trusted people hing group, hope to be able to brush as paid entrepreneurial partners face, in the way with you. In order to help the entrepreneur brush face pay market better and faster the nuggets, hing group and new world group cooperation, not only provide the optimal official policy on the market, at the same time also on official policy overweight all kinds of subsidies and preferential policies, such as from jiamingfei, FenRun seconds knot, subsidies seconds knot, activate the free circulation equipment and so forth. Zhi-jun he also said: & other; In brush face for training class, also met a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, among them there are office workers, have a mom, treasure and his experience similar traditional enterprise boss, all of them because there are people hing group support, particularly at ease. ” Finally confident said: & other; Years later I prepare with the team gets a, I'm sure this year will be on the basis of 2019 turned up several times. ”
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