Custom Hardware Manufacturer of POS Terminal & Self-service Kiosk 


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Founded in 2012, PTKSAI is an IT manufacture of complete ranges of hardware solutions for the POS (point of sale and point of service) and the integration sectors (Kiosk and OEM products) which is certified as a National High-tech Enterprise. We are the industry leader in technology, innovation and custom design.

Our hardware designed and developed by PTKSAI are intended for IT management, till functions and digital marketing at the POS (supply of POS touch systems, Mobile tablets, Retail PCs and Panel PCs, screens and monitors for digital and multimedia displays and interactive kiosks).


We cooperate closely with our partners to help provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications across a diverse range of industries such as supermarkets, governments, banks, retail stores, cinemas, clubs, hotels, enterprises, schools and solution companies globally


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Provide pervasive intelligence to drive businesses forward



Empower partners and clients with smart solution to succeed

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Our manufacturing facility is located in Shenzhen, providing an excellent base with good transport for shipment of products to clients throughout China and overseas.We have invested $3m in expanding our production capability. The factory now has more than twenty energy efficient injection moulding machines and three blow moulding machines. 

Test Laboratory

Provide comprehensive stress testing, anti-interference testing, aging testing, drop testing and high temperature testing for our products. These testings ensure our products to operate normally in various complex environments.

Processing Workshop

Efficiently organize the production and assembly of skilled workers and technicians. We have also introduced advanced workshop management experience and assessment methods from overseas to ensure that every product can be found its producer.

Quality Control System

Divided into three layers, which are closely and meticulously managed for supply chain quality, quality of finished product put in storage and quality of product before shipment.

Technical Support Center

Through remote maintenance, firmware updating and on-site guidance, we provide thoughtful and timely technical support to global clients. All of our highly skilled technicians are well trained in systematic product knowlege and hardware troubleshooting and repairs.

The best partner for catering owners and hospitality POS software companies


Our all in one POS terminal has been designed and produced for the hospitality industry and thousands of business owners worldwide choose PTKSAI over the many other POS hardware manufacturer out there. 

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