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Adopt the advantages of the software of ear cash

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-28
It's not like any other industry. Offline service is the key. Therefore, stores are necessary, and they have to be in places with convenient transportation. Even small-scale ear shops, you have to open on the side of the road or near the community activity center. Therefore, renting gold, water and electricity can't be saved. With the Wage Commission for employees, the input cost will be It's not a small number. However, under such a large investment cost, it is still difficult for many ear picking stores to make profits. These pain points naturally account for most of the reasons. To these, adopt ear to collect cash system software to express, all is not a matter! 1. Reducing time cost is also very important for ear picking stores. Why do you need higher cost logistics and distribution, such as fresh food, to consider time cost? The mainstream of ear picking guests is still the middle class. Their time is precious. If they come several times and find that they need to wait, they will not come in the future. Therefore, for the regular customers, they can use the online booking function, make an appointment with the time and technicians, and the customers can go to the private room directly as soon as they arrive. For new customers, we can also use the clocking technology to allocate free technicians and rooms and reduce waiting time. 2. Service process standardization customers are not clear about many items, some additional items, value-added service process and price of the store, but through the small program function of the system software, the price can be transparent, and the length of each service link is also transparent. In addition to the training of technicians in each store, the skills and process are standardized, so it is easier for customers to put them Peace of mind. 3. The management of integrated ear shop has always been a problem. With the application of ear cashier system software, technicians, cashier, front desk and store manager have their own platforms to work according to the process, which can reduce the cost of human management to a large extent and is also conducive to financial management. Both the performance of employees and the operating profit of the store are clear at a glance, Financial risk can be minimized. 4. Marketing precision can understand customers' consumption habits through big data analysis, let customers bind e-membership card, cultivate customers' booking consumption habits, and improve customers' viscosity. In addition, the use of e-coupons, discount coupons and other forms can not only reduce costs, improve conversion rate, achieve precision marketing, but also prevent store internal staff from taking coupons to pay for modern customers, and Prevent the same customer from getting multiple coupons, so that the store can not achieve the marketing effect after making profits.
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