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AI media publishes a research report on the application

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-01
It is estimated that the number of users will reach 760 million in three years Recently, the well-known Internet analysis organization & mdash; & mdash; AI media consulting released the special research report on the social value of 2019 China's brush face payment technology application (hereinafter referred to as the report). 2019 is known in the industry as the first year of brush face payment, which is almost the end of the year. What is the market performance of brush face payment and where will the market go in the future? This report summarizes the development of domestic brush face payment market in the past year, and at the same time, from the perspective of user experience and security, focuses on the social value of the landing of brush face payment, and makes corresponding prediction and judgment on the application development of brush face payment in the future. Next, I would like to share with you the core points of this report. In 2022, the number of users of brush face payment in China is expected to exceed 760 million. According to the report, in 2018, the number of users of brush face payment in China was 61 million. At that time, brush face payment was still in the embryonic stage of technology and did not form a large-scale commercial layout. In 2019, with the active promotion of all parties in the industry, the number of users of face painting payment is expected to increase to 118 million this year. This year, in the field of brush, the long term competition between Alipay and WeChat has entered a white hot stage. The UnionPay officially joined the competition at the end of October. The fierce competition among the three parties around the market, coupled with the central bank's repeated inclusion of face recognition payments in official planning documents. In the next three years, the brush industry is bound to maintain a high-speed growth trend, and it is expected to exceed 760 million people in 2022. Analysts believe that with the typical platform represented by Alipay to increase the investment in landing application of brushing payment products, it will better meet the demand of merchants and users for the convenience of the brush face payment. The social application value of brush face payment is exhausted with the demographic dividend, and it is an indisputable fact that the growth rate of mobile payment is sluggish. In the first quarter of 19, the year-on-year growth rate of mobile payment transaction scale declined for the first time. Under the visible ceiling, it is urgent to seek new added value. And the action of payment giant is also very clear, at this stage, brush face payment is their common choice. In addition to the obvious use advantages, the application value of brush face payment is more reflected in its promotion of the overall intelligent upgrading of the payment industry. The first is the intelligent payment equipment. Today's brush face payment equipment can quickly capture the dynamic data of consumers and present their preferences through a few seconds of brush face confirmation action, providing more valuable portrait reference for the promotion and operation of businesses. On the basis of absorbing a wide range of C-end consumer data, it feeds back to b-end merchants, empowers the differentiated operation work, improves production, marketing and other processes, so as to enhance the sense of use of C-end users. The second is the intelligent payment service. Face swiping payment can provide more services for consumers in the cash collection scenario, such as one click card opening, activity voucher collection, associated applet, etc., provide merchants with access to personalized services while interacting with consumers, so as to make 'payment is marketing' truly come into being. The third is the intelligent payment risk control. Brush face payment is actually the result of the integration of biometric technology and financial technology. Face is not only a means of payment, but also a means of guarantee. In the future, the functions of consumer credit risk management can be realized through the introduction of anti fraud system. The report on the business development of brush face payment empowering merchants makes a survey and summary on the experience of brush face payment merchants. Among them, the data shows that the application of brush face payment is obvious for the improvement of business daily operation. Among them, brush face payment is the most significant improvement in customer experience, 94.4% and 89.6% of the respondents respectively said that after the access of brush face payment products, the customer queuing efficiency and customer praise of their shops have improved. Although brush face payment is still in its infancy, its role in promoting the business's passenger flow, turnover and overall competitiveness is gradually emerging. In a wide range of business groups, the introduction of brush face payment has the most obvious effect on the retailer super type enterprises. Many offline large-scale supermarkets and convenience stores have installed face painting equipment, which has achieved great results in easing passenger flow congestion and improving cash collection efficiency. In addition, vending machine enterprises and institutions have also significantly improved the coverage of face painting payment, especially in recent years, many cities have introduced face painting payment in public transport systems. In the future, the application scenarios will continue to expand. With the implementation of the central bank's three-year plan and the iterative development of face recognition technology, 5g large-scale commercial application is also in sight. Under the comprehensive effect, the application and popularization of brush face payment continue to speed up. At present, brush face payment is mainly used in retail and catering scenarios. In the future, with the increasing popularity of the market, its application scenarios need to be expanded to more areas such as travel, life payment and so on to meet the needs of more users. According to analysts in the report, the facial features of human body are unique, which makes the application of face brushing payment have greater opportunities to develop in combination with the areas requiring authentication in the future. Such as public administration, medical treatment, logistics, transportation, etc. The combination of face swiping payment and identity information can further shorten the business processing and transaction payment process of users in these fields, and make people's life more convenient.
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