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alert sounded on $80m eftpos machine scam

by:PTKSAI     2019-11-06
Victorian people have been warned not to use pin in Eftpos transactions after thousands of bank accounts have been exhausted by international criminal groups at millions of pricesdollar scam.
Police say consumers may not be able to avoid becoming victims of complex fraud operations that have so far targeted Eftpos machines in at least 50 locations around Victoria.
They say the best way to protect an account is to sign each transaction or use cash if possible.
Over the past 18 months, as much as $80 million has been lost from Australian accounts, police say Australia is seen as a soft target by criminal organizations outside the UK, Canada and Sri Lanka.
A joint task force of police from multiple states and Australian Federal Police arrested 40 people across the country and charged the same number of people.
In Victoria, 12 suspects have been or will be prosecuted.
Their role in suspected fraud has not yet been revealed.
This scam works when a normal Eftpos machine is replaced by a damaged machine --
Usually, with the help of shop staff, they were bribed for thousands of dollars or threatened with violence --
This record account details are then transferred to a blank card.
Pins can be obtained from a small hole camera installed near the Eftpos machine or through a fake keyboard that records numbers.
A team of people then took hundreds of blank cards to the ATM, emptied the account, and the victim was unaware of the fraud before checking the bank balance.
Detective Senior Officer Bill Nash says the scam has consumed 90 of the fraud team\'s time in the past five months, and it can damage credit and bank accounts.
He said that the service station and other busy places, fast
Restaurants and cinemas-
High turnover rate of employees and less supervision of employees
The risks are much greater than places like large retail stores that have normal working hours and employee supervision.
He urged people to hide their pins as much as possible, and said retailers had to regularly check whether the machines had been tampered with, fix them on the bench, remove them after work, and check the hidden cameras.
Senior police officer Nash said it is not clear whether the new card with the chip is vulnerable to fraud, but the card without the chip will definitely be defrauded.
If an Eftpos machine is damaged and a PIN is installed-
Recording equipment-
Taking into account the difficulty of installing the camera, this constitutes the majority of cases
Anyone who uses it has the potential to become a victim.
\"We have reached the point where we have to inform the public,\" he said . \".
\"In all cases I would say sign and don\'t use your pin [
At the Eftpos terminal]
. . . . . . Or use cash as much as possible. Without [the]
Pin, your account cannot be leaked. \'\'If [the machine]
It\'s goodbye to capture your pin and capture your account and kiss your money.
There is no doubt that it will be withdrawn.
It will only become more complex over time.
\"The bank will refund the cost of the victim of the fraud.
Senior police officer Nash said there was no introduction of technology used in Europe, making Australians vulnerable.
\"I\'m not sure how much this is happening in Europe or overseas,\" he said . \".
\"My understanding is that there are security measures overseas that are not in Australia and that\'s why they are targeting Australia and New Zealand.
These cards are from the bank.
Tampering with cards involves a certain amount of money --
Proof or forgery-proof.
\"Workers who are often vulnerable places for overseas students are being bribed up to $40,000 to help install damaged machines.
Senior police officer Nash said they, or relatives of their home country, were also threatened with real violence.
The typical method of syndicate is to land in Australia, install damaged machines, extract thousands of dollars, and then go home in a few days and disappear before the police receive an alarm.
A spokeswoman for the Australian Bankers Association did not respond to Sergeant Nash\'s warning against using a pin in the Eftpos transaction, but said that banks issuing MasterCard and Visa cards had already started embedding chips in it, added security.
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