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Alipay dragonfly access scenic brake machine, brush brush face lock and face into the garden-PTKSAI English

Alipay dragonfly access scenic brake machine, brush brush face lock and face into the garden

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-15
With the development of social economy, people life level and consumption ability, outdoor travel during the Spring Festival has become a popular way of entertainment. According to China's tourism research institute, the Spring Festival of 2019 national tourism total to 4. 1. 5 billion person-time, tourist income reached 513. 9 billion yuan. The upcoming Spring Festival in 2020, major scenic spots and will have a large number of tourists. The Spring Festival travel season, the stream of people, such as carp market scale, though large, but the domestic large and small scenic spot whether to carry the passenger flow? Many scenic spot every person many of the tourist season, total want to line up for a long time even to close current limit. Need some id into the garden for the scenic area, such as some may enjoy the preferential benefit the elderly, the disabled, such as local citizens, manpower ticket takes more time. In order to improve the experience of traveling scenic area, the current domestic launched nearly one hundred scenic spot brush sets face lock, brush and brush face in face recognition methods, extremely fast, promote efficiency of tourism scenic spot tickets recount. 2021 is getting ready for the opening of the Beijing universal resort is planning to brush a face & other; A face of swim & throughout; To complete the scenic interactive operation. Rely on face recognition device, can finish brush face into the garden, pay for shopping, brush brush face face order, hotel registration, and other functions, to build a high-tech theme park. Face recognition application in scenic spots, can solve ticket scalpers, fraud and queuing problem for a long time, also can reduce the manpower cost. In brush face pay ever need by room card and meal tickets at the hotel to complete consumption cancel after verification, now only need to brush a face, will be finished experience more tall. In addition, for some luggage of passengers to their homelands with their suitcases, part of the scenic area will also provide luggage locker. But the lower level of security level coefficient, locker, just like the supermarket locker, small notes qr code has to be used to sweep the code to open cabinet. A friend of mine used to travel to some scenic spots, but playing too carried away, accidentally lost the qr code documents. The scenic spot to reclaim your luggage because there is no that qr code receipts as proof, spent an hour with the staff, to get their luggage, also delayed behind schedule. Some brush face recount in and out of the scenic area scenic area can not only realize, also can use the brush face open tank, their luggage. Don't have to worry about lost ark receipts, also can ensure the safety of the luggage. Sky-wave intelligent brush face locker TPS731 can support both face recognition, id card recognition and brush the function of IC card to open ark, brush support face register, id card register objects such as confidentiality strong hosting scenario. Sky wave facial recognition self-help locker TPS731 function of such a comprehensive range of brush face can, of course, to the scenic spot to better efficiency and optimization experience. But it is not a general difficulty and cost of landing area can withstand. Way to reassure travelers check give their face information platform, the second is access to accurate face recognition algorithm software and intelligent hardware cost is higher, has certain technical barriers. Some scenic spots will convert ideas, applied in tourism scenic alipay dragonflies as brush face gate control switch, brush a face into the garden. Use alipay dragonfly brush face equipment, the advantage of itself through alipay background data, upload travellers face more security information, reduce the risk of face recognition information leakage, and introducing the cost is not high, a alipay dragonfly can realize face identity check, brush brush face into the garden, face to pay, and other functions. Based on the technical support pay treasure, it can support accurate efficient brush face identity verification. Last year, ali in wuzhen scenic spot also used face recognition terminal for brush face recount, average daily brush to reach thousands of people face, can be in 0. 2 seconds to brush face identification, visible ali technology is stable and reliable, easy to face the impact of the short time a large number of passenger flow, help realizing the intelligent upgrade of scenic spots, the growth effect, easy to deal with large crowds. Pay treasure dragonfly access gate, brush face to authenticate as a scenic spot
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