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Alipay dragonfly brush face a cash register access applet, suddenly cajas buffet!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-15
Along with society's progress and the development of science and technology, new business concepts such as the new retail, unbounded constantly emerge, consumer demand for shopping experience also in unceasing increase, in order to keep up with the development of era, to maximize meet the needs of the consumers, self-service register arises at the historic moment. A practical self-service checkout system can not only help all businesses, promote efficiency of cashier, at the same time also can help businesses more intelligent and efficient management, reducing management costs. But things have two sides, has a good side and bad side. Self-help cajas is good, price is not every store supermarket could afford. According to the price of 2018, with the function of brush face pay self-help cajas, 3 - for each price 40000. In order to make more small and medium-sized business super can have both brush on face payment and self-service lanes for smart cash registers, alipay dragonfly opened the small program development, can realize self-help cashier function. Let merchants in paid treasure to dragonflies cash brush face payment and self-service cashier functions at the same time, also can get through membership information, timed push promotions, pull the repo rate, etc. To ensure the alipay dragonfly can smoothly to achieve a variety of functions, requires its motherboard chip performance is strong enough, a small program that can be developed. At present, pay treasure to dragonfly F1 memory of 4 g, is better than other types of operation ability, screen and small program run smoother operation. Because pay treasure dragonfly F1 on the memory has the scalability, supporting businesses more wisdom management scenarios. In addition, pay treasure to dragonfly F1 have the other model no Ethernet cable network, the signal is better, load the program more stable. Literally, alipay dragonfly brush face cash registers in combination with small program, can make the cash register into a brush a face to brush the face payment function of self-help cajas, one machine, applicable to small business super, reduces the threshold of the merchants to introduce self-help cajas, make more shops to provide more high quality experience, the equipment cost and manpower cost savings businesses.
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