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Analysis on development prospect of ptksaiPOS machine industry

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-25
PtksaiPOS machine industry development prospect analysis * recently read a lot of articles on mobile payment, there is no doubt that mobile payment is a big trend, but also a hot word at this stage. But today we don't talk about mobile payment tools, but take you to know about POS machines. Many small partners said they had entered the era of mobile payment. Why did they talk about POS machines? The development of POS machine industry ptksaiPOS the development of cash took 300 years, the development of bank cards took 50 years, online payment took 10 years, and mobile payment took only 3 years, assuming that POS machines will die out in the near future, however, existence is reasonable, and POS machines will not be replaced at this stage or even for a longer period of time. Although the development of POS machine industry ptksaiPOS machine is the advent of the mobile payment era, major companies such as Alipay, WeChat Payment, Jingdong payment, etc. have launched an offensive to compete for mobile payment. However, looking around, as big as shopping centers, large shopping malls, small convenience stores, community canteens, a small black box is still on the checkout counter, there are still many consumers take the initiative to use POS machine credit card consumption. POS machine industry development ptksaiPOS machine the so-called Yangtze river waves push the front waves, the front waves die on the beach, but the POS machine on the beach is not dead, why are the mobile payment era, the merchants in the streets are still using POS machines? The development of POS machine industry mainly includes the following points: first, the habitual thinking of merchants and consumers has not been broken; Second, the POS machine acquiring system accumulated by the merchants for many years has formed a large amount of data and is unwilling to give up the POS machine to use mobile payment in the short term; Third, customize IBM's 14,94 on demand. The shape of his mother has been sold for a lifetime in China (Please allow me to say something rude) I really feel sad for the national POS enterprises, but now it seems that the situation is getting better. After all, domestic POS such as ptksai also has a place in China. What is customization on demand? It is to produce POS machines with different sizes, shapes and colors according to each enterprise, so as to reflect the different cultural backgrounds or cash register concepts of each enterprise. PtksaiPOS machine hopes that all retailers will work hard on the cash register and achieve the goal of optimizing the cash register efficiency by improving the hardware level. Don't buy what his mother's POS manufacturer sells. POS machine industry development IV. Personalized development POS brands are numerous, each saying is good. In essence, there is no big difference. I think IBM, WNC and Hisense partners are good, in fact, it can be used for a few years. I think there is not much room for breakthrough in quality for the future development of ptksaiPOS machine. How to develop it? Only looking for a breakthrough in appearance, just like Korean mobile phone manufacturers, the investment * is the shape research and development. For POS, selling points should be explored from multi-color, multi-shape and multi-feature.
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