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Analysis on the development prospect of POS machine

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-01
Recently I read a lot of articles about mobile payment. There is no doubt that mobile payment is a general trend and a hot word at this stage. But today we don't talk about mobile payment tools, but take you to know about POS machines. A lot of small partners say that they have entered the era of mobile payment. Why do they talk about POS? It takes 300 years for the development of cash, 50 years for the development of bank card, 10 years for online payment, and only 3 years for mobile payment. Assuming that POS will die out in the near future, however, it is reasonable to store. At this stage, or even longer, POS will not be replaced. Although the era of mobile payment is coming, major business giants such as Alipay, WeChat payment and Jingdong payment have launched an offensive to fight for mobile payment. But looking at it, from shopping centers and shopping malls to convenience stores and community canteens, black boxes are still conspicuously placed on the cash register, and many consumers are still asking to use POS machines to swipe their cards. The so-called Yangtze River wave pushes forward the wave ahead, the wave ahead dies on the beach, but the POS machine on the beach is not dead. Why are the mobile payment era, and the merchants on the street are still using POS machines? There are mainly the following points: first, the habitual thinking of merchants and consumers has not been broken; second, the merchants have accumulated many years of POS machine receipt system, forming a large number of data, and they are not willing to give up POS in a short time Third, security issues. The security system of POS system tends to be perfect, while the security system of mobile payment is still in its infancy. Fourthly, the potential market of mobile POS is an infinite data, which is not inferior to remote payment. Because the formation of a market consumption habit can only be formed after a very long time accumulation. Rome wasn't built in a day. The reform of payment revolution also needs a process. From the history of POS machine, we can see the change of payment habit. Payment by swiping card is not trusted but accepted gradually. POS machine has changed a kind of payment habit, and also made merchants realize information management. After more than 20 years of development, POS technology has become mature. The fundamental problem that POS solves is the rapidity of consumers and merchants. It not only helps to provide standardized services for merchants, but also makes the consumption experience much better than the previous bookkeeping consumption. With the development of more than 20 years, the POS system of merchants has formed a kind of system. Even if the mobile payment attack, the merchants can not easily give up the POS system which they have operated for many years and adopt a new payment method. Therefore, it is often seen that there are signs of WeChat payment or Alipay mobile payment on the cash register, and many POS machines are also installed. Moreover, POS is more secure than mobile payment, because POS cooperates with banks, and banks have mature digital authentication system and other authentication security systems. Therefore, even in the mobile payment development in full swing today, for many credit card families and entrepreneurs, POS machine is always an irreplaceable payment method.
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