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apple may find out that the market hasn\'t got any time for its watch

by:PTKSAI     2019-10-31
Apple watches began selling last week.
There are nearly 1 million pre-
Orders from the United States, as well as standards for Apple\'s new products, a lot of PR.
Although the watch is the object of mac\'s desire --
For enthusiasts and digital media, it is not clear whether this smallest screen is of value to publishers and advertisers.
Is it a pot of potential gold on each wrist, or is it just a fancy watch tied to the phone, let\'s figure out what the watch actually does.
This is basically an easy-to-access display for your phone.
I\'m too lazy to take it out of my pocket when the iPhone is buzzing, then the Apple Watch is for you.
It also has the so-called \"taptic engine\" that uses contact with the wearer\'s skin to provide a range of different physical signals or alarms.
It is integrated with Apple\'s near-field communication payment system, which means that wearers can throw away their ATM cards and pay by putting the watch at the point-of-sale terminal.
Like the watch itself, it is not clear when Apple Pay will be available in Ireland.
But marketers seem to have focused on the glance feature of the watch.
Can be updated from the app on the watch.
Most of the media that have developed the Apple Watch app seems to be using the eye to host content in the iPhone app --
A bite though. sized portions.
The New York Times has created an app that promises
Sentence story.
One mentioned in the document
As a \"new form of storytelling,\" the story of a sentence is strangely trying to claim that simplicity is their own brainwave.
The Guardiola app uses eyes to show the wearer their own personalized story material.
The \"mirror\" app will provide the wearer with the ability to read articles, save articles for later reading and making comments.
Found anything your phone didn\'t do anywhere above, and I didn\'t.
But to be fair, the innovation of developers is unlikely to happen right away.
The problem is that all innovation is in the name of Apple.
Apple Watch hardware is not free due to software restrictionsDevelopment Suite.
Of course, if the wearer\'s heart rate continues to rise, it is possible for developers to design apps that can serve sports drink ads, but not yet.
Until Tim Cook is ready.
The Apple Watch is also a damp matte for the media and marketers, not according to the mobile ad exchange TapSense, which launched the first programmatic ad for the Apple Watch earlier this year
The platform claims to be-stop-
Shop for developers and brands and start advertising on your wrist.
They commit to interactive ad formats and hyper-local targets.
Ash Kushmar, founder of TapSense, seems keen to copy what\'s happening on the phone on the watch.
\"Wearable devices and the internet of things are the next frontier in the mobile revolution,\" he said . \".
\"While most of our competitors focus on banner advertising and traditional platforms, we focus on innovation and the next generation of platforms.
Apple Watch has the potential to be a category breaker similar to an iPod or iPhone, and we believe it offers the brand and developers a great opportunity to deliver an engaging experience to consumers.
\"Yes, it\'s a little technical --
But the watch does have great potential.
Any device that can collect location, shopping habits data, plus biometric technology, provides an exciting data cocktail for advertisers.
As a means of collecting the wearer\'s data, it is a gold mine.
But marketers who decide to target audiences on wearable devices need to be careful.
They have to take a thin line between relevance and irritating interruptions.
When a brand decides that they should receive marketing messages, people want to see their watches in their own way.
More importantly, the tactile relationship with the device means that the brand that gets this balance incorrectly may make the skin crawl of their target audience. Literally.
Another reason Apple Watch may not be a very successful device that drives marketing information is that it is designed to be used sparingly.
This is what a commenter from Nilay Patel of The Verge has to say: \"I \'ve had this thing on my wrist for six hours and the fact is that I \'ve barely used it.
\"The Apple Watch seems to have been eliminated for short use --
Up to 10 to 15 seconds
View TIME, calendar, social media alerts;
These are the most common things the wearer does.
Such a short and rare use is hardly a secret to building or maintaining awareness.
But there is no doubt that some smart brands will develop popular apps that will make the most of the features of Apple Watch in the future.
A successful story is more likely to take a practical form than pushing information and updates to the wearer\'s wrist.
The last thing modern consumers need is another device that will send out more alerts, emails and messages.
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