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Application of industrial automatic code scanner

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-23
it can effectively solve the problems of heavy code, wrong code and missing code in production line,As we all know, with the rapid increase of labor cost in modern enterprises, many enterprises gradually turn their attention to the automatic code scanner in order to cope with the high cost of human and material resources, solve the problem of automatic detection of barcode on the assembly line through high-performance code reader, and judge the different states of reading barcode to control the start and stop of the assembly line, so as to realize the automation and high efficiency of the production line Effectiveness. So in this application, what role does industrial barcode scanning equipment play in the factory assembly line? It is understood that the automatic barcode scanner is mainly used for product barcode detection in the production line, large-scale printing of serial numbers, barcode label printing enterprises, trademark printing factories, as well as automatic detection of repeated barcode in the production line and judge whether the printed barcode is correct, whether there are multiple bad phenomena, such as duplicate code, missing code and wrong code, so as to ensure the uniqueness of barcode after the product leaves the factory, In order to achieve barcode printing and detection automation, improve label printing quality and efficiency, reduce barcode label printing errors, and avoid the wrong cost of product delivery. In the practical application, the inspector directly input the bar code of the product to be tested, and take the bar code as the reference bar code for scanning comparison and counting. 1. Scanning code is detected correctly. When the product passes the sensor and the fixed code reader is scanned and compared correctly, the green indicator light will be on, and the correct barcode and time information will be recorded. 2. Scanning code is detected incorrectly. When the sensor finds that the fixed code reader has product barcode that can't be scanned, the red indicator light will be on, and the product that can't read the two-dimensional code will be automatically removed from the assembly line In case of three times of continuous occurrence, the system will give out an alarm sound in addition to the above-mentioned automatic operation, and immediately automatically stop the operation of the pipeline; when the product passes the sensor, but the fixed code reader scans the wrong barcode, the red indicator light will be on, and automatically remove the product reading the wrong QR code from the pipeline, at the same time, the system will give an alarm sound, and automatically stop the operation of the pipeline When the detector hears the alarm, it can quickly process according to the actual situation, stop running the products under the assembly line, and record the relevant error barcode information. As the core of the whole factory assembly line, barcode recognizer controls the assembly line to start and stop, which plays an important role. In this context, the barcode scanning hardware brand solution provider & mdash; Shenzhen rakinda has specially launched lv3000u plus industrial code reader for barcode reading application in the factory assembly line. It is understood that lv3000u plus adopts the core decoding technology independently developed by the sixth generation, which greatly improves the code reading efficiency and barcode reading speed. It can read 4-6 two-dimensional codes in one second and 200 products in one minute. It can easily realize external trigger code scanning through flexible and rich I / O expansion interface, and can control external equipment, such as lighting, indicator light, buzzer, etc. At the same time, lv3000u plus multi interface support (USB, RS232 serial port), simple installation technology (plug and play, convenient use, fixed convenience), high-resolution image sensor and compact structure design make it very convenient for quality management and traceability application in industrial lines such as electronic factory, mobile phone manufacturer, etc., which is the best choice for low-cost automation. Lv3000u plus leads the replacement of domestic products with high cost performance, so you can no longer pay for expensive imported equipment! Up to now, dozens of top 500 domestic and foreign enterprises have put lv3000u plus industrial automatic code scanner launched by Shenzhen rakinda into use, with 20 years of experience in bar code automatic identification industry. For more detailed product information, please contact Shenzhen Vista technology for more information. We are looking forward to the success of cooperation in the future. Your satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit!
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