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Application of ptksai face recognition device in campus scene

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-25
Today's campus life is not as rigid as it was many years ago. University campus is more like a small society. Colorful elements constantly dress up university life. In recent years, information technology has been continuously leaping, and its influence has also penetrated into the campus and student life. Modern technology represented by brand-new identification technology has completely changed the pattern of campus life. What is the * thing to do for face recognition freshmen? You certainly can't think of it, that is to brush your face. Some universities have introduced face recognition technology in the freshman report, and the registration of freshmen can be completed in front of the camera. The whole process takes only a few seconds. This kind of orientation method has obvious advantages over the traditional operation. It does not need to go through the online registration and offline review process, which greatly improves the efficiency of welcoming new students and allows new students to have more time to understand the school, handle other things. Moreover, this way of face recognition to meet new students is also full of scientific and technological sense, and can also see surprises and satisfaction from students' faces. In addition to welcoming the new generation, face recognition has many uses in campus management and student life, such as attendance, which is called * Niu anti-skip artifact. It is difficult to eliminate the phenomenon of skipping classes by means of class name and credit card, and face recognition is based on biometric recognition. It is * sexual and cannot be replaced by others, so the effect is obvious in preventing skipping classes. Face recognition equipment security is the core of campus life, especially dormitory security is the focus of prevention and control. Face recognition also plays an important role in dormitory management. Docking face recognition with dormitory entrance guard can quickly identify whether the entrants are dormitory personnel and effectively intercept those outsiders. In addition to face recognition, face recognition technology has also made great achievements in the consumption field on campus. Face brushing payment has already entered the campus, ordering, face brushing and taking meals in one go, which is convenient and quick. Face recognition is still constantly updated and iterated. In the future, it will play an increasingly central role in security, payment and other fields, and this novel experience will bring more surprises to users. Pay attention to the Koman card and pay attention to the scientific and technological information around you. Face recognition system has the function of tracking retrieval. Those intelligent face recognition monitoring systems installed in public places are * tools for capturing face information. In the database of the recognition system, a large amount of facial information is stored. Once a face highly similar to that in the database appears, the recognition system will recognize, compare and confirm it at a fast speed. For face triangle data like this, 160 thousand groups can be compared at the same time. Therefore, the face recognition system will quickly determine whether the captured face image matches the face information in the database. For these important Channel entrance and exit scenes, the system is required to automatically detect the face in the video picture and compare it with the face data in the database to obtain * possible identity information.
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