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Application of the combination of witnesses

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-10
The combination of human and card is an image name, which means that face recognition and ID card recognition can be detected by the identity card verification system, and the information on the ID card can be determined to be consistent. It is a great unification of citizens and identity documents. At present, in Chinese society, from underdeveloped areas to developed areas, from rural areas to cities, the mobility of citizens is very frequent and huge, so the impact pressure on Social Security is also huge, the use of verification equipment related to the integration of human and evidence can effectively reduce security risks. Recently, the e-passport reader products of Beijing ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. are integrated into the gate to read various certificate chips such as second-generation certificates and e-passports, and OCR recognizes driving licenses, driving licenses and other certificates. It has been used in Xinjiang's civil aviation, railway, highway passenger transport, public security checkpoints, hotel personnel identification and inspection system, and has received good results. Domestic personnel hold a second-generation card and use the company's passport reader to read the text information of the second-generation card chip and personal head portrait; And the e-passport reader can collect personal avatars on the spot, so as to compare the two pictures and check whether it is a second-generation certificate held by me; If the verification is passed, the customs clearance can be released; Otherwise, it is regarded as the object of suspicion; Foreign personnel can hold passports, or return home cards, Taiwanese certificates and other certificates, use e-passport readers to read the electronic chip information of passports or return home cards and Taiwanese certificates, and extract personal head portrait and fingerprint information in the chips; In addition, the e-passport reader can collect personal head portrait and fingerprint information on the spot, so as to compare two portraits and fingerprints and verify whether I hold my own certificate; The use of the passport reader can effectively avoid the fraudulent use of your own documents, and keep your own travel records, which is convenient for yourself, and the public security internal inquiry and supervision; It has also effectively curbed the mobility of criminals and terrorists. At the same time, it has better maintained most of the public security work in Xinjiang, it provides a strong guarantee for the security work in Xinjiang. The communication industry visitor management system aims at the practical needs of mobile communication enterprises in visitor registration and makes full use of modern information technology through a large number of market surveys and studies, ensure the safety of the overall operation, and unify the personnel, documents and photos, it realizes the functions of door registration, door registration, portrait one-to-one correspondence, personal belongings registration, hierarchical management, historical record inquiry, report summary, etc, it can efficiently record, store, query and summarize the relevant information of visitors, and successfully solve the weak link of temporary visitor registration management.
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