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There are many payment methods nowadays, such as cash, check, credit card, gift card, e-Bank, NFC, QR code, biometric and virtual e-money. PTKSAI smart all-in-one POS terminal provides a convenient payment solution for the service industry and we'd like to cooperate with POS system and software developer as well.
Currently, schools and companies tend to adopt electronic attendance & calendar systems to manage students and staff. The management system can be connected to the database, and the attendance data and activity process will be displayed on the digital signage and reminder by message or email.
Governments require dependable identification systems for national security and to prevent fraud. Biometric technology is usually combined with e-ID solution, to accurately authenticate valid e-ID. PTKSAI visitor management kiosk helps system identify the guests according to their biometric features like face, fingerprint or voice.
Since digital signage can deliver comprehensive announcements, timetables, emergency information and product descriptions in real time, it can give businesses an edge over the competition. Industries in the retail, finance, hospitality and health care sectors can greatly benefit from using this technology to increase brand awareness, disseminate product information and interact with customers.
Security is an inevitable topic that cannot be ignored. Access control is becoming more and more important, whether it is in public places such as airports, subways, exhibition halls, or private spaces such as homes and hotels. The PTKSAI person-to-document identification system is able to isolate dangerous molecules mixed in the crowd in a safe place.
Self-service is designed to store information and provide access to information, prints, payment, product sale, and public service. Various self-service kiosk greatly facilitates people's travel and service, saves labor costs, standardizes service processes, collects customer data, provides 24 hours service, and can test and practice new technology like AI and IoT applied in the smart city.
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