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Armed with science and technology, the dining room! Wisdom canteen, face repast, accurate identification, speed and settlement.

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-12
Elegant dining environment, clean off the window, comprehensive service orientation. Wisdom dining room is sending out the breath of modern science and technology, in the busy work, can eat in the dining room of a delicious meal, has become a spiritual food of many staff! Amid such advanced dining room repast, not only let employees warm heart to warm the stomach, let employees work more spirit! Neat, simple and bright, atmosphere! Is full wisdom treasure canteen ablaze label, as dining hall community level as in appearance, exactly what is the difference with other canteen? Let's take a look at. 1, face repast, accurate identification, speed and settlement, repast efficiency significantly increased. Full wisdom treasure the canteen is the first face recognition technology was applied to the dining room scene of one of the management system, through years of precipitation and algorithms to upgrade technology, full wisdom treasure dining room face algorithm, the average 0. 5 seconds to identify user's identity. Biological recognition by 3 d camera, face recognition algorithm of level of financial security, full wisdom treasure dining room to the terminal face recognition precision up to 99. 99%, has realized the speed and accuracy of perfect and unified, whole repast efficiency increased by 30%. By dual channel interconnection face, brush can be implemented at the same time two people face payment, 2 people achieve recognition and settlement every second, and greatly reduced the queue time, improve the efficiency of the meal. 2, a variety of payment, fast and convenient, more save worry save time and effort. By binding to pay treasure to small program, full wisdom treasure the canteen system can realize online top-up, online deduction, and other functions, not only convenient for the user, is more advantageous to carry on the scientific management of the canteen, is conducive to the dining room of fine operation, equipment eat can improve the canteen. 3, reduce the human cost, the authors effect, raise their comprehensive ability in operating the canteen. , a full face recognition solutions that part of the intelligent terminal share workers labor, a person can serve more people, effectively reduce the cost of dining room of choose and employ persons, the authors work of good effect, through scientific management, and raise their comprehensive ability in operating the dining room. Full wisdom treasure dining room feels dye-in-the-wood of science and technology, through the new brush face repast solution, constantly optimize the user experience, has received the repast personnel's consistent high praise. Clean dining environment, delicious meals, let every day of life vigour. Full wisdom treasure canteen construction not only effectively solve the concentration time eating large stream of people, line meal time is long, slow speed of traditional settlement, also provide great reference significance to the dining room construction of model demonstration role!
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