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at this fast-food drive-through, the person taking your order might not be a person at all-PTKSAI-im English

at this fast-food drive-through, the person taking your order might not be a person at all

by:PTKSAI     2019-10-29
The drive-
Passing through the window is often considered the most distressing task in the fast trackFood restaurant.
It\'s an uninterrupted multi-tasking whirlwind that includes organizing multiple orders, communicating with the kitchen, counting money and negotiating with a range of customers, these customers range from courtesy, coherence to anger and drunkenness-all of which are minimal --wage reward.
If this juggling is not difficult enough, there will be a huge timer hanging in many drives --
The former worker said that every task was more urgent through the kitchen.
Drive though-
Breaking many fast through gantlet
Food workers are the best staff in Denver for burgers and frozen cream freezes, and they don\'t feel the heat very quickly.
That\'s because she\'s an artificial intelligence voice assistant.
Freedom and immune stress-driving ability --
No fatigue, rest or compensation in the bathroom.
She completed a classic American job in nearly a century, a generation-after-generation rite of passage for teenagers, possibly in the early stages of mass extinction.
But first, Rob Carpenter, ceo and founder of Valyant AI, an artificial intelligence company that designed the customer service platform, I have to prove that his model works as well as he said.
The AI assistant went through months of testing but officially started processing breakfast orders at the restaurant last week.
If the fledgling assistant encounters any technical problems, the transaction will be handed over to a force employee in the restaurant.
\"This system creates a lot of friction in the interaction between customers and employees,\" Carpenter said . \" He pointed out that the design of artificial intelligence sounds like the voice of an amiable woman.
\"AI will never be offended and it will speak to you in a very calm and friendly voice.
Carpenter believes that employees also have direct benefits.
\"In an 8-
They don\'t have to repeat the same welcome language hundreds of times on an hour shift, \"he said.
Intelligent, interactive machines, things that used to be science fiction
Sci-fi movies and future fantasies are rapidly becoming a reality, especially in the rapid
Repeat the rules and improvise the limited gourmet world.
In restaurants around the world, machines are already taking orders, flipping burgers, preparing pizzas, pouring stiff drinks and cooking the whole food in front of hungry customers. Fast-
Food restaurants such as Starbucks, Wendy, Panera and McDonald\'s encourage customers to use self-help ordering
Service kiosk or mobile app.
But Valyant AI seems to be one of the first companies to create an order platform through an interactive AI voice assistant
This also happens to be the first company representative many customers will encounter.
Carpenter says the conversation rhythm of the assistant-sounds like a smoother version of Amazon Alexa-is designed to replicate human interaction, with limited pause time and limited menus --
Script-based changes based on exchange.
In the video showing the AI assistant, a woman\'s voice can be heard saying: \"Hi, I am your automatic order recipient. Take your time;
Order when you are ready.
When the person in the video asked for a breakfast burrito, the robot described two different types of burrito and asked which one he wanted.
After discussing the specific details of the order and asking if he wanted a drink or a package, the voice assistant confirmed the order for the last time. “Thank you;
Please pull forward to the window, \"The Sound said at the end of the interaction.
According to TechCrunch, other companies are selling similar technologies to McDonald\'s and Taco Bell, as well as several major banks.
This technology is coming in an era of rapid development.
Food customers are looking for faster and more convenient services, Carpenter said.
He pointed out that a recent study in QSR found that 70% of fast-
Now, the sales of food restaurants are driving-
Through the window, a number that leads to increased traffic and increased waiting time for food.
According to QSR data, customers waited an average of 234 seconds for burgers and chips in 2018, compared to about 225 seconds in the previous year.
According to the magazine, Wendy\'s wait time was the shortest, setting a record of 116 seconds in 2003.
As more vehicles create driving
Carpenter said his company\'s voice assistant was designed to speed up service.
Instead of an employee managing multiple drives-
Typically, employees can focus on preparing food and processing payments, he said.
Longer lines mean potential customers will be looking for another restaurant, he said.
Initial tests, which began last fall, showed ordering time dropped by about 25%, Carpenter said.
More efficiency brings more profitability, more locations and jobs bring more profitability, he said.
Carpenter still insists that his robot workers will not let people lose their jobs.
\"It\'s really an assistant designed for the staff,\" Carpenter said . \".
\"We had a blizzard in Denver two weeks ago and an employee didn\'t make it, but the employee was able to turn on the AI system so they wouldn\'t be behind.
They were very grateful and loved getting help and help.
But critics say tools like Carpenter\'s assistant will eventually hurt more workers.
Erikka Knuti, director of communications at the Union of Food and business workers, said too many businesses see customer service as a line
The cost of the project is not investment.
In addition to layoffs, removing people from the deal would also reduce products sold by businesses, she said.
\"Retailers and businesses underestimate the importance of customer service interaction-they get a warm smile when customers hand over their money, which tells them they are valued, she said.
When asked what message the AI voice assistant had conveyed to the customer, Knutty made it clear: \"The companies said, \'We don\'t care about you, \'she said: \"We don\'t care if you get better service. \".
\"They would say it\'s more efficient, but I don\'t know that in any case someone would say, \'I am really happy that no one is at customer service or checkout when I need help.
\"It\'s like stripping vitamins out of food and selling them to people who like nutrition,\" she added . \".
Carpenter believes that the general automation inside the restaurant is inevitable and will eventually produce two
Layered dining experience.
Seeking convenient and fast customers
The food selection will end in a restaurant consisting mainly of machines.
But those who seek to be slower and higher
The final meal selection will end in an organization of human staff.
\"These trends are designed to give customers more choices,\" he said . \"
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