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baristas beware: a robot that makes gourmet cups of coffee has arrived

by:PTKSAI     2019-10-29
In the food industry, the robot revolution seems to be in progress, and machines hold the skilled tasks that people have been carrying out.
In Boston, robots replaced chefs and created a bowl of complex food for customers.
In Prague, machines that accept orders through the app are replacing bartenders and servers.
They are taking orders quickly in Denverfood drive-through.
Nowadays, robots are even making a perfect bread, responsible for an art that humans have mastered for thousands of years.
Now, Briggo has launched a fully automatic robotic brewing device that offers 100 cups of coffee per hour.
According to the company, it is equivalent to three to four baristas.
A machine that mixes Latin American beans.
Known as \"coffee house\"
Create a delicious cup of coffee that can be ordered through the app, allowing customers to control ingredients, espresso shots, seasonings, and temperatures.
The company says no other company in the world has applied so much technology to \"specialty coffee.
\"Removing the human element from ordering a cup of coffee is one of the company\'s selling points.
\"There are no more lines, no more counter clutter, no more misspelled names,\" Briggo\'s website said . \".
The company has eight machines, but has recently started offering franchise models to potential operators, bulligo said.
The company did not disclose the cost of this business model, but noted the rent and income
Sharing arrangements are typical when machines are placed in public locations such as airports.
Kevin Nater, president and chief executive of Briggo, said the machine would flourish in places where convenience is highly valued, such as airports and office buildings, of which 10-by-4-
The machine is running.
\"Imagine that you are entering the security line at the airport and your flight is about to take off. you know, if you want to have coffee, you have to queue up,\" NATEL said.
\"From the safe line, you can simply place a cup of coffee and pick it up at the cafe to get to your flight on time.
\"I have never found anyone who wants to line up for a long time,\" he added . \".
\"We just changed the game.
Others seem to agree.
This year, Fast Company magazine named Austin
Headquartered in one of the top ten most innovative companies in the world.
Briggo is not alone in the automatic coffee area.
When the company launched the latest machine at San Francisco International Airport, the robot will face off with the automated coffee bar Cafe X from San Francisco.
Cafe X operates espresso machines using robotic arms and promises that your local baked coffee will be designed with \"robotic precision.
\"The machine arrived when it was ready --to-
Drinking coffee, such as bottled drinks from supermarkets and convenience stores, continues to be popular, CNBC reported.
There is no doubt, Nater said, that his machine is also making coffee, if not better, than a barista.
Refers to the robot as a \"high
Unlike human workers, machines don\'t panic when business is busy, he said.
By analyzing, he says, he can make sure that the robot reaches \"all quality marks \".
But Oliver Gibb, 24year-
The old barista at Annapolis coffee bakery is still skeptical.
Able to measure water skillfully-to-
He said that with the development of taste, grinding proportions through delicate taste tests is a key part of the process.
\"All the numbers and data in the world can\'t actually tell you the taste of coffee,\" Geib said . \".
\"A large part of what humans bring is the ability to taste coffee in the process of tasting coffee. ” Fast-
Food restaurants such as Starbucks, Wendy, Panera and McDonald\'s encourage customers to use self-help ordering
Service kiosk or mobile app.
When asked how Briggo will affect employment, Nater said that it is difficult for food service companies to retain employees, and there is often a shortage of employees, especially at airports with high turnover.
\"We don\'t think we\'re replacing people,\" he said . \"
\"We are creating
Technical retail and marketing business and develop jobs in the process.
We have just hired two people in the Bay area and we will open a new location in the spring.
But automation critics say the machine\'s damage to workers ultimately outweighs their help.
Erikka Knuti last month
Director of Communications, Union of joint Food and Commercial Workers
Too many companies regard customer service as a line.
The cost of the project is not investment.
In addition to layoffs, removing people from the deal would also reduce products sold by businesses, she said.
\"Retailers and businesses underestimate the importance of customer service interaction, and they get a warm smile when customers hand over their money, which tells them they are valued, she said.
Asked if he was worried about being replaced by a robot, Geib said, \"absolutely not worried.
He said that although he saw the value of robots making coffee in specific locations, there was a loyal group of people who would have been looking for a slower, interactive experience in the coffee shop.
\"A lot of customers really appreciate seeing baristas carefully pour water, steam milk or add a little energy to their drinks,\" he said . \".
\"The social aspect, the atmosphere and the interaction with the barista are an important part of the coffee experience.
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