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Bath cashier software how to promote the store customer relationship?

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-04
Many bath center stores must have had that experience, use bath cashier software, doing all kinds of promotion, introduction to a lot of visitors, but after the experience, and went away. Store conversion rate, turnover rate high, is this why? Is because the store not ready and customer relationship maintenance. Bath door center stores to maintain old customers, can bring a lot of sales. In addition, the cost of maintaining old customers well below cost to attract new customers. Loyal customers have a strong demonstration effect for other consumers, are opinion leaders of the same group. And stores the relationship between the customer and marketing level is higher, its potential benefits and improve competitiveness of the greater the chance. The customer is the foundation of existence and development of bath door center stores, the essence of the market competition is the competition for customers. Customers are in the bath door store the quality of the product, service and value on the basis of making purchase decision. Bath door store should understand the key factors of customer value and satisfaction, by improving the customer delivered value, to better meet the needs of the customers. And want to understand customer needs, the best solution, is to use bath cashier software for big data gathering and analysis. Stores, for example, the geographical position, what is come over consumption of all groups, consumption ability, be fond of, what kind of products for service requirements, expect to achieve what kind of effect & hellip; … Clear on all these stores can suit the remedy to the case, what to offer services, what's the price set. Not only is the service, with customers to maintain good relations! Bath cashier software bring WeChat small program function, can store in the customer's birthday, the holiday, the by WeChat automatically send greetings to customer information, with electronic coupons, maintain the connection between the customer and stores, shorten the distance between the two parties, makes customers form a good impression of bath center stores and products and evaluation, improve the bath center stores and product visibility and reputation in the market.
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