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Biometric: brush face pay several big advantage

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-16
“ Brush face payment system & throughout; Is a payment platform based on face recognition system, the system without wallet and credit CARDS or mobile phones, will automatically consumers face information that is associated with personal accounts, to pay when you just need to face the screen of the device camera, and the transaction process is efficient and convenient. In 2019, with a face payment arrival, placid pay market was choppy. The mobile payment market will usher in a new round of shuffling: an associated level of potential market, a huge tuyere. So, how to join into the battle of the brush face to pay? How to win in this battle? Face pay started application, the market reaction is very good, the acceptance of people above 85%. Face pays contrast scan code, has the following advantages: 01 to save time, simple operation like WeChat, alipay, many older people don't know the use, they are more willing to use cash, but now have a brush face pay, can be removed from many multifarious process for them, as long as can pay through the facial recognition enter the phone number, the operation is simple to understand, the whole process can be completed within 10 seconds, greatly reducing the queuing time. 02 don't need to pay the traditional medium of payment, need to take as a medium, such as credit CARDS, cash, mobile phone but once forgot to bring cash, mobile phone no electricity, poor signal or forget the bank card password will influence of the payment. The brush and face payment means we can no longer rely on this payment of medium, see a face. 03 pay more secure by combining hardware and software, using intelligent algorithms and encryption, desensitization, such as security, solves the problems of living attack, to ensure the safety of the user data security and privacy. Face payment depend on the biological information recognition technology, equipped with optical camera, 3 d structure can accurately complete face recognition and face, reach level financial pay levels, identification and security are more than 99. 99%. 03 reduce merchant's artificial cost after the introduction of face pay self-help cashier, a cashier can maintain three face brush machine, cashier efficiency increased by 50%, according to the average wage of 3200 yuan the cashier, can save the labor cost of 80. 64 million yuan a year. Current brush face pay already have commercial capacity and gradually becomes widespread, in this less than a year, has become the focus of the payment industry parties debate
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