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Boc brush face payment technology at CCB innovative products to help small micro enterprise imports

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-15
3, according to the bank of China Shanghai branch in the 2nd China international import expo, which opens the bank jointly launched the first in Shanghai China unionpay brush face pay charge sheet products & ndash; — “ The bank of China brush face pay & throughout; Brush, became the first entered on the expo, the commercial Banks face consumption. It is understood that the bank of China for the second expo also developed for overseas buyers client APP, clinch a deal include consulting, query, data statistics, and many other functions, into the expo to provide diversified support for science and technology strength. In the aspect of machines and tools, the bank in into the expo site provides more than 40 ATM, foreign currency machine, intelligent machines, such as more than the first. In addition, the bank of China will continue to undertake the expo a three-day extension fields of supply and demand, invite thousands of exhibitors merchants to negotiate, and innovation in high-tech element, join online interactions, expand the scale of docking, through new technology, new services, bring the exhibitors merchants a new upgrade docking of the event. China construction bank Shanghai branch in China ( Shanghai) International trade a single window, for small micro import enterprise financing & other Cross-border fast loan? — Import credit & throughout; Innovative products. According to introducing, & other; Cross-border fast loan & ndash; Import credit & throughout; Is China construction bank Shanghai branch for small micro enterprises import & other; Financing difficulties, financing throughout your &; Pain points, to trade the first exclusive pratt &whitney characteristic products, can use big data accurately identify import enterprise management status, for small micro enterprise quality automatic verification, import financing service of the whole process online.
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