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'Boshite' can brush the face of the double-screen touch cash register, the advantages of the physical store!

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-19
Cash register is the auxiliary handling equipment required by modern commercial enterprises. Cash register is mainly used in department stores, supermarkets, chain stores, hotels, restaurants, bookstores, gas stations, canteens and other industries. Under the combination of POS cash register software, the touch screen cash register uses an integrated computer, combined with external customer display, Cash Box, etc. to form a perfect advanced touch screen intelligent cash register system, integrating the touch screen cash registers on the market, boshite's double-screen touch cash register has the following advantages: 1. Touch screen cash register adopts new touch control technology, which can add color to employees' work and improve employees' enthusiasm for work. At the same time, it also reduces the operation time of employees and improves the efficiency. 2. Touch screen cash register is a great integration of hardware and software. Compared with traditional POS machines, it has great advantages in space utilization and can help enterprises create a comfortable leisure and shopping environment, improve the service level for the enterprise. 3. The integrated touch screen cash register is more excellent in energy saving, accounting for 70% of the energy consumption of traditional computers. Can save expenses for the enterprise. 4. The touch screen cash register can improve the overall image of the enterprise, the application of new technologies can convey potential information to customers, and invisibly advertise for the enterprise to enhance the overall image of the enterprise, cultivate customer loyalty. 5. The unique integrated design of touch screen cash register solves the trouble of equipment management for enterprises. Traditional computers are easy to be taken away by thieves, such as memory, CPU and other important components, an all-in-one computer can avoid this embarrassment. 6. On the traditional POS cash register, the touch screen cash register not only adds a 3D dynamic camera that can be used for face-brushing payment, but also supports various settlement functions such as WeChat, Alipay, bank card, two-dimensional code, etc, auxiliary and various software (Query, display, etc)It can be used for multiple purposes and is worth the price. What advantages do you have for the touch screen cash register to share here today? The touch screen cash register does not need to be operated by input devices such as keyboard or mouse, but is completely completed by touch input. Touch screen cash register is to install a touch screen on the surface of the display, which can receive the induction of input signals such as touch control, and make interface reaction by built-in software system after converting into corresponding signals through internal circuits, it can well replace the traditional mechanical panel buttons and keyboard and mouse operations.
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