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【Boshite]Practical brush face payment cash register fashion high performance!

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-18
Cash register is the auxiliary handling equipment required by modern commercial enterprises. Cash register is mainly used in shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores, hotels, restaurants, bookstores, gas stations and other industries. The touch screen cash register, combined with POS cash register software, uses an integrated computer, combined with external customer display, Cash Box, etc. to form a perfect advanced touch screen intelligent cash register system. The cash register that can be paid by face is the current new favorite. Everyone knows that the smart POS machine is labeled with intelligence, which can increase industry applications and aggregate various payment methods. It is an intelligent collection integration tool, but the actual situation is not the case: 1. Intelligent POS is the traditional reality in the name of intelligence: at present, the mainstream intelligent POS in the market is not intelligent, and the traditional POS scanning gun has the same function; 2. The application of intelligent POS push industry is to play rogue: Take intelligent POS catering software as an example to realize intelligent POS ordering. The software is not as convenient as ordering food treasure and cannot be integrated into the whole catering system, only the order is split and the screen is small, so there is no way to show it to customers; 3. Multiple aggregate payments are actually swiping cards and scanning codes: Although multiple aggregate payments are supported, no one uses them in the market; 4. In the vertical field, the bus is not as good as the bus POS, the mall is not as good as the cash register, and the catering is only a collection tool. To sum up, intelligent POS is an upgraded traditional POS. Its advantage is that it can be developed and used in all scenes. Practical brush face scan code cash register bank class is especially suitable for intelligent POS, first of all, intelligent POS is widely used, vertical is not deep enough. Secondly, safety has been widely certified and can effectively meet future regulatory requirements. With the passage of time, it has now moved from code scanning payment to face brushing payment, and has begun to lay out the face brushing payment market one after another. This also indicates that face-brushing payment will be the next payment method and become a new outlet. Compared with the traditional cash register, Boshi brush face payment brings us more advantages. So where is the profit period for face-brushing payment now? Practical brush face scan code cash register in our living environment, the retail industry is indeed everywhere. The existence of these retail industries is more inseparable from cashier management. Therefore, fashionable and high-performance cash registers have become an indispensable demand in store operation. Brush face scan code cash register in the past few years, more desktop cash registers have been used in the retail industry. With the continuous innovation of cash register technology and the continuous improvement of people's aesthetics, touch screen cash register has gradually become a new favorite in retail industry. Boshite touch screen cash register is a great integration of hardware and software. Compared with traditional POS machines, touch screen machines can save and utilize more space, not only improving the image of shops, it can also help the store to create a comfortable leisure and shopping environment. Compared with the traditional POS machine'Serious' The touch screen cash register adopts new touch control technology, which adds color to the work of employees and can also mobilize their enthusiasm for work. The reduction of touch screen machine operation can free up more rest time for employees.
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