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Bositer human identification channel solution

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-21
In the increasingly demanding environment of social security, ordinary swipe card access can not meet the access of some special places. With the development and implementation of real name system, identity card identification has been widely used in airports, high-speed rail, stations and other places. However, there is a loss of identity card. Even if the loss is reported, there is no cancellation measure for the second-generation identity card at present, so the original identity card can still be used normally, so that many illegal elements can freely enter and exit the airport with fake identity card High speed railway and other special places with large flow of people have great hidden dangers to public travel safety. In this context, boshter's system solution for the integration of human and certificate is born as the intelligent product operation of transportation real name system verification. Bositer human card recognition channel solution: bositer's & ldquo; human card integration system solution & rdquo; based on resident ID card and face can effectively improve the security inspection requirements. By comparing the face photos in the ID card with the face photos collected on site, the system can quickly identify whether the ID card is consistent with the user of the ID card at the front end of the device, with the recognition rate of more than 99.9%, which can truly achieve the integration of the ID card and prevent theft. It can not only prevent the illegal use of lost documents, but also crack down on the illegal elements who use others' documents indiscriminately. Features of bositer's personal card recognition channel solution: 1. Based on deep learning algorithm, cross age recognition is solved; 2. It can be compared under different light, different posture and different expressions, and can adapt to large angle deflection of human face; 3. 200W wide dynamic camera, intelligent light compensation, and clear backlight; 4. It supports the Ministry of public security's shortlisted second generation card reader to connect and read identity Certificate information and photos. 5. Automatic face comparison function: the system automatically detects and recognizes the face, compares with the face photos in the ID card, and outputs the comparison results.
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