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Bositer intelligent terminal adopts 3D face recognition

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-29
With the rapid development of science and technology, 'face recognition technology' has been imperceptibly penetrated into our daily life. Face recognition technology provides great convenience for our life, travel or office, so mobile network payment, airport security, bank self-service, public transportation, family door lock, community access, unit attendance, etc This technology has been applied in many fields, and the application range of face recognition is expanding. With the arrival of the era of artificial intelligence, there will always be some 'pains' in the development and landing of new technologies;. Under the huge market potential, even when the corresponding technologies and specifications of some manufacturers are not mature, the 'push' face recognition terminal and face painting payment will cause huge security risks for the market. A few days ago, 'face recognition' attracted a lot of attention and questions about face recognition technology because of an 'abundant nest intelligent cabinet' event. According to reports, in an extra-curricular scientific experiment, the science team of class 402 of Xiuzhou foreign language school in shangwai, Jiaxing found that when using the Fengchao intelligent cabinet, you can open the intelligent cabinet by printing a picture of your face, without the express mail. Subsequently, the verification of the results by relevant media shows that Fengchao intelligent cabinet can be opened as long as photos are used. At present, there are two main categories of face recognition technology in the market. The face recognition terminal mainly includes binocular and monocular. The binocular is composed of IR and RGB cameras. The monocular only has RGB cameras. The monocular cameras can be recognized by video or pictures. In this technology, even if the algorithm and software are advanced, it is difficult to ensure high security under limited information Level. Application of face recognition terminal in express cabinet: Shenzhen bositer face recognition terminal adopts 3D face recognition system, which makes three-dimensional image through 3D camera, two cameras cooperate to form 3D image, one infrared probe is used for light supplement, the other visible light probe. At present, bositer face recognition terminal can accurately distinguish photos, videos, masks and twins, etc& 'Complex' scenarios. In addition, bositer face recognition terminal is widely used in face recognition identification system, and there is a crucial technology & mdash; & mdash; & ldquo; detection & rdquo; that is, the system camera can not only recognize whether the face is the person, but also detect whether someone uses photos or mobile phones and other means to impersonate the user, even if the mobile video is recorded, it can also recognize under the detection of infrared camera. Bositer face recognition terminal is committed to making face recognition simpler. After years of development, bositer face recognition terminal has formed 18 series products and corresponding solutions in three categories, i.e. intelligent security, commercial intelligent terminal and intelligent campus. There are many service branches, multiple Prefecture and municipal service outlets throughout the country, covering most parts of the country, and many countries Patents, software copyrights and invention patents. At present, bositer face recognition terminal has thousands of landing cases in various industries such as government, enterprise, community, campus, construction site, prison, gym, hotel, etc.
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