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Bositer smart cash register, 'good helper' brings

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-21
Realize smart store and scientific management! On Sunday, manager Xu, who had just arrived at the local area, was seized by boss Zhang of Zhengxing food supermarket. &'Manager Xiao Xu, you're here. I just want to send you a wechat thank you. This smart cash register has really helped me a lot. It's really a good helper! & rdquo; seeing boss Zhang's face excited, manager Xu, the sales manager immediately realized that this smart cash register that boss Zhang had taken at the beginning has been invested in many convenience stores, grocery stores and other streets in small and medium-sized cities At the end of the day, customers in the market fed back to the merchants that they all responded well. Boss Zhang should be so excited just after using it for a while and deeply realizing its convenience and wisdom. Sure enough, boss Zhang has a lot of business affairs. Some stores are run by his parents. The memory of the elderly is poor, and it's common that things are sold at the wrong price. To this point, boss Zhang was miserable at the beginning, copying the price list and other methods were exhausted. It takes half a day for the old man to find the price when he is busy. If he receives more customers' opinions, he will be aggrieved if he receives less. In a dilemma on both sides. At that time, manager Xu, who conducted market research in the local area, came to our store and remembered boss Zhang's difficulties. After the local pilot terminal intelligent cash register, he took into account boss Zhang's actual needs and declared the intelligent cash register needed by such customers to the company. As soon as the cash register was installed, boss Zhang checked the cigarette stock in the store with the help of local staff. After the initial storage, boss Zhang also checks the price of cigarettes one by one according to the retail price list of cigarettes, and teaches parents how to operate. He said: & ldquo; at first, I just hoped that with the cash register, my parents would be able to sell cigarettes correctly, but I didn't expect that this ordinary machine would bring me more surprises, not only the price would not be wrong, but also the inventory of various cigarettes, the sales report of that day, and the profitability of the store. &Mr. Zhang's parents also said that it's much easier to sell cigarettes now. No matter what the box or bag is, you just need to connect the code scanning gun and scan it. The sales price and collection QR code will be directly displayed on the cash register screen. Customers who come to buy things only need to choose their own way of payment, which is a great relief for the elderly. Mr. Zhang said that next, he would also input all the products in the store into the smart cash register to truly realize smart store and scientific management for his small store.
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