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Bositer technology intelligent cash register helps

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-22
When the customer satisfaction is high, the shop reputation will be good naturally. Good reputation can attract more customers to the station for consumption. This series of chain reactions will ultimately bring about the growth of the shop efficiency. Bositer technology intelligent cash register helps the service station improve efficiency and increase revenue, so what are the advantages of intelligent cash register? First, the sensitive and interactive HD color double-sided screen can present customers' orders more flexibly and intuitively, create a clearer and high-end consumption experience for customers, and improve the overall image of businesses. Second, the collection of Alipay, WeChat, balances, bank cards and other payment technologies in one, to meet the needs of customers a variety of payment platforms, accelerate the efficiency of oil depot collection, at the same time, establish the professional image of oil station in the hearts of customers. Third, bositer technology's double-sided touch integrated cash register has a built-in Seiko thermal printer, which can automatically issue a small ticket after payment or recharging is completed, which can not only ensure fast and smooth printing, but also solve the problem that ordinary printers often lose orders. Fourth, bositer technology double touch integrated cash register can directly add service station entity card members, bind e-members, view member information and manage member rights, without switching the background for many times. Simple and convenient operation is a more effective extension of customer relationship management. The intelligent and all-round service of the service station will be integrated into the customer management to promote the economic benefits and customer satisfaction.
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