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BOZZ intelligent POS machine becomes the mainstay of Internet POS machine

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-15
BOZZ intelligent POS machine has become the mainstay of the Internet POS machine, which is the way of life that the Internet has changed too much! Mobile payment by mobile phone has become an indispensable part of our daily life. Internet smart POS machines can also collect money when we go out in time without money: Why can people go out without only mobile phones today? The answer to this question is obvious in our life. The crisis of the intelligent POS machine network is more organic: no matter what kind of POS machine you are, once you derail from the intelligent, it will really be out of the times! The Internet POS machine gathers a variety of popular payment methods on the market: bank card, WeChat, Alipay, Baidu Wallet, etc. If you swipe your card, I will send the data to UnionPay, and if you are Alipay, I will send it to Alipay. Internet POS is to connect all payment methods in one terminal and route them on the terminal, which is very convenient for businesses and can collect any money with a POS machine! In recent years, the transaction scale of China's third-party payment mobile payment market reached 9041. 9 billion yuan the year before last, up month on month. 5%. China has become the global * mobile payment market; With the high popularity of smart phones, mobile payment forms have become a common payment method for the public, especially for our generation of young people. Internet POS machines now have different payment applications and different payment data linked to different users. With the opening of the two-dimensional code policy, as an ancient payment tool, the traditional POS machine has been far from meeting the rapid development of the current commercial wave. Therefore, a new and more intelligent Internet POS machine came into being. Shenzhen ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. has strong ability to customize and develop software, hardware and appearance structure. In 2017, the company's research and development team contributed 9 innovative invention patents. On the basis of Android touch all-in-one machine, it integrates dual-screen display, different display, different display and different touch, built-in printer, bar code/two-dimensional code scanning, face recognition, two-dimensional code collection, Cash Box, second-generation ID card reading and fingerprint key technologies such as collection, fingerprint identification, electromagnetic original handwriting signature, multi-camera, high-speed camera, card reader, Banknote counter, etc, and there is a mature batch shipping scheme, which can meet the hardware and software requirements of most intelligent devices on the market. In-depth cooperation with many well-known domestic enterprises to provide professional intelligent hardware customization services. We have long-term experience in providing professional OEM/ODM/EMS services to well-known brands at home and abroad, and our research and development, quality and production capacity have been well received by our customers.
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