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Brush a face, qr code, payment and other payment in the coexistence state, and will maintain this state for a long time

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-06
Payment with brush face, that you also need to pay qr code? In the brush face became popular payment market, many people can give birth to such a question. According to the report of China association of chain operation in 2018, mobile payment technology is available in the convenience store, and among them, more than 50% of the sample the mobile payment accounted for more than 30% of the enterprise, WeChat accounted for more than 95% with alipay. In popularization of mobile payment, online contacts, qr code actually. Before this, online online, offline to offline, both are unrelated, there is quite a eurabia posture. In the year to cross the line, few and far between. In former new retail era, for example, the la cara, established in 2005 and many other enterprises, trust is charge this business. Later, began to appear in front of you two solutions, one is the qr code to pay, the other is NFC payments. But they both have the same logic to support. The emergence of new forms, in addition to the technical drive, the change of the consumption psychology also nots allow to ignore. A new generation of consumers, since the childhood is surrounded by a screen that gestures are its mark. Online consumption, for example, the process is usually selected goods, automatic settlement. Offline, other parts aside, choose goods, at the end of the day also scoring statistics for one thing, settlement, compared to two relatively is redundant. What's more, than the offline scenarios such as traditional supermarket line long, slow invoicing many problems, such as online consumption will be comfortable a lot of practical experience. A new generation of consumers, expect whether online or offline, can get consistent experience. Online consumption, for example, can the fluency of the off-line implementation, offline whether can better solve the problem of traditional again? So also can be understood as, when a new generation of consumers, new online consumption habit, new problems began to appear. Now, brush face and qr code payment and other payment in the coexistence state, and will maintain this state for a long time.
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