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Brush brush face into a red sea market, face pay broad prospects

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-07
As financial services became more and more digital, Banks and financial technology companies are more strict identification protocol is used to combat fraud, improve trading safety and enhance the customer experience. There is a hot face brush will submit in recent years. KPMG ( 毕马威) , according to a survey of the banking sector is rampant fraud: in 2018, about 60% of the total amount of the bank said the customer fraud and quantity increased in 2017, mainly includes online scams, identity theft and data theft. Therefore, for credit card, ATM machines and portal for high security requirements of financial services platform, biological recognition technology ( Brush face payments) Has become a major strategic needs. In addition, according to mastercard ( 万事达卡) Data, super 9 into relatively password consumers prefer biological recognition technology ( Brush face payments) 。 Biometrics are in the market play a utility. By June 2019, at least 20 pilot adopted non-contact card Fingerprints of fingerprint sensor. Royal bank of Scotland ( 苏格兰皇家银行(Royal Bank of Scotland) Also in non-contact card pilot, once the transaction value of more than 30 pounds ( About 272 yuan) , it will enable to consumer fingerprint verification. In China, pay treasure payment platform, also began to support & other; Brush the face & throughout; To pay. Each big bank branch, also supported by face recognition for part of the business. Behind this market as one of the technologies and solutions provider, kuang depending on science and technology provide alipay client login face recognition function support, at the same time, provide some Internet financial companies and commercial Banks face recognition service.
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