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Brush brush face pay broad prospects, face pay cash registers, promote efficiency of cashier, lead to better pay

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-05
With the advent of brush face pay, brush face pay cash register, brush face pays for supermarket, restaurant is convenient. Especially in the convenience store layout alipay dragonfly brush face the payment of cash register, use convenient, improve the efficiency of the cashier. Through the brush face to become a member at the same time, help stores to achieve better interaction with customers. Although easy to use, but a lot of people have been questioned the brush face recognition and face the safety of the payment. In fact from the accuracy of face recognition, face recognition in the international authoritative testing, face recognition algorithm accuracy in previous names with Chinese companies. Among them, to effectively prevent photos, video and 3 d mask for unauthorized, living inspection technology is involved, including action living, quiet living, binocular ir living, structured light living, etc, like a phone face login do shook his head, blink of an eye, and also is a means of living detection. Basically, pay treasure to dragonflies and brush WeChat frog face pay cash registers are used to living detection technology, to ensure the safety of brush face to pay. While unionpay's new & other; Brush face pay & throughout; , it is combined with & other; Face recognition pay + password & throughout; , but this payment experience may increase more step, convenience and safety is how to balance both lights. According to the official, said the alipay dragonfly brush face of 99 pay cash register accuracy of face recognition. 99%, and in 2018 the national institute of standards and technology ( NIST) Data released by the said of the world's best face recognition technology for one over ten million under false positives the recognition accuracy of close to 99%. In addition to technology matures, the state and society is also brush for face recognition and face payment technology held attitude of encouragement. Domestic at present there are more than 170 cities using facial recognition administrative issues. Is expected in 2022, the Chinese face recognition terminal market reached 18. 5 billion yuan, has potential. Pay treasure and WeChat two giants in the brush face payment cash poured subsidies, state subsidies paid to pay treasure to brush a face policies, subsidies are highest domestic self-help brush face pay cash register, use brush face pay each 0. 7 yuan reward, seal 800 yuan monthly, commission for six months in a row, the highest top 4800 yuan. Followed by double screen brush face cashier equipment, commission five consecutive months, the highest single device cap 2000 yuan; Finally the alipay dragonflies series equipment, commission five consecutive months, the highest single device top 1600 yuan. . In addition, brush face pay rate is 0. 38%, 0. 2% charge for channel by alipay, 0. Will provide services as a commission, 18% service chamber of commerce according to amount of the agent to pay different commission scheme. In addition, pay treasure to open platform itself can query the special service, at the bottom of the page after login & other; Service support & throughout; A column, click & other; Service & throughout; Enter & other; Open platform service providers throughout the search &; Interface, complete input service name, a search query. In addition, also can verify the official platform providers of formal qualifications. Brush face pay cash register not only improve the efficiency of the cashier, but also bring shoppers pay unprecedented experience, convenient and quick, good experience! At present, the brush face pay is increasingly expanding market, believe that the future will have a better application and development.
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