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Brush brush face pay era 丨 sky-wave new face TPS680C the cash register

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-07
Along with society's progress and the development of science and technology, payment has entered a new era, bid farewell to pay cash, brush ushered in the face of pay, this makes our life more convenient, also save our time. All kinds of fresh industry with flood the market, in order to keep up with people's living needs, self-perfection, every industry needs to constantly innovation out more suitable for the products of people, to survive in this information era. Pay treasure, WeChat, unionpay announced in 2019 that incoming brush face pay, launched its own brush face pay products, from mobile payment officially enter the brush face. Brush face pay equipment is divided into two modes: 1, the similar sweeping code gun plug and play, Similar alipay dragonfly) ; 2, embedded merchants of ERP system, the realization of self-service pattern, namely brush face a cash register. Guangdong sky wave information technology co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as: guangdong sky-wave) Is a leading domestic information communication equipment and solutions provider, is engaged in the fusion of communication access equipment and terminal equipment research and development, production, marketing and communications solutions to provide small and medium-sized enterprise information fusion. After years of development, the company has developed many POS products, and use them to market. On December 28, 2019, guangdong sky wave on the 5th smart peak BBS released a new cash register TPS680C. This product is the domestic first brush to face camera design on the main screen on the cash register, easy to single, double screen application. 3 d structure light camera, accurate identification, brush face second payment, self-help cashier, don't need to scan code, the operation is simple, convenient and quick; Contracted and not simple, simple appearance design meticulously, fine and do not break open, the host screen Angle can be reasonable trimming; 15. 6 inches hd touch screen, 1920 * 1080 resolution, vertical and horizontal Angle of each present clear picture. Merchants access to brush after TPS680C face equipment, not only effectively improving customer cashier experience, but also greatly improve the efficiency of cashier. Sky-wave TPS680C is brushed brush face face cashier equipment in addition to support pay treasure to pay, also support the payment code, not speech cashier. Suitable for various medium restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels and other cashier scene. TPS680C brush brush face cash register to help businesses O threshold access face, brush face the forefront of science and technology technology, easily implement brush face payment, help businesses to upgrade the checkout counter. TPS680C brush face a cash register, industrial motherboard was used in the android 7. 1 operating system, memory is big, pressure running smart cashier system. Brush the face card machine TPS680C by 15. 6 inches Gao Qingzhu screen, collocation is 10. 1 inch high aimlessness screen, can touch. Brush face a cash register, vice screen can be used to store ads, activities, product promotion, etc. In under the condition of high flow, can also be as advertising to other businesses to earn the rent at so as to realize the efficient use of the cash register, is both brush face a cash register and advertising machine. With the advent of the era of 5 g, the speeding up of informatization, mode of payment innovation, brush a face is a new payment way, opened a new era, to face is the wallet now brush face pay circuit has just begun, but it can predict the brush face pay prospects, brush the face in the future payment instead of the qr code is a inevitable trend, but need a long time to transition, is currently the face brush with qr code payment and other payment coexistence scene and, of course, the future trend is unstoppable. Let us take the pulse of The Times, hand in hand and win-win future!
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