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Brush, easy payment, pay time no medium face

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-16
Industry experts said: & other; Brush face throughout time &; Has arrived. Face the future more large-scale application of face recognition, to strengthen the supervision of the relevant data and constraints, require the public security departments, the data source to provide departments and facial recognition technology to provide company joint efforts. Both to enhance the level of hardware, building large data processing platform, but also combines the technique of face recognition and human body gesture recognition, etc, further enhance the identification accuracy and safety. Here I must say I brush a face is going to pay for the course, I began to pay with brush face was two months ago. At that time in a convenience store downtown to see a brush face payment machine. I: the boss this brush and face pay ah, listen to never heard before. Boss: brush paid just propaganda to the side face, you don't know also is very normal. Now brush face payment is very convenient. I: what's brush face to pay? Boss: as long as your face to the camera with respect to ok. Brush a face for the first time and the preferential benefit. I'm curious to try. Then his aim is at the center of the lens, the magic scene appeared. Brush face to pay also the function of skin care, my mom. Look at the above oneself, feel handsome. This is the truth. Then the next brush face to confirm the phone number for the first time. Then I will enter his hand immediately. And then pop up the favorable information to me, brush face give me discount for two dollars for the first time. Wow, suddenly feel brush face is ok. As I had with the earliest drops a taxi, is also a lot of preferential. Feel this is the benefits brought by the social development! Is often brush face after payment. Although after breaks not so big. But very convenient. Because before I pay with brush face are open WeChat order first, then click open wallet, then click on the payment code, or open the alipay, size PM on the payment. Sometimes network problems, or sometimes open the app and point in need seven to eight seconds of time, I will feel very waste, so I every time is brush face directly. Very convenient, save time as well. For me, I am very pay attention to the concept of time, is sometimes can save a little time a little time. Brush brush face pay affect consumers face brush affect consumers face payment is still on the stage of market of education, both consumers and businesses, there is no hot style scenarios and applications, then brush face what can bring you pay? Payment for consumers: don't take out a cellular phone, really achieved the dream of we 'eat their face'. In some special scenarios, brush face pay brought better experience: the liberation of his hands: such as portable weight to pay; Out of the terminal: forgot to take my mobile phone or mobile phone payment under the condition of no electricity; Have the attitude to pay: AR ability overlay, let pay more interesting. Brush face pay for merchants to improve the efficiency of the operation: the influence of interaction process initiated by the customer, the customer need to finish to pay phone, unlocked, open the app, launch the qr code, show the complex process of qr code. Reduce costs: brush face pay self-help purchasing business such as form, can more directly reduce the cost, the human release into more valuable post. Drainage ability: to new things, pay treasure and WeChat will be a large amount of subsidies, such as brush face red envelopes, indirect drainage for merchants. Value-added ability: combining the guest show the screen, can be superimposed advertising business, dynamic display of the store sales promotion, etc. And combined with brush brush face ability can efficiently grafting members the ability to face recognition, for members to open an account, membership rights process more efficient.
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