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Brush face commercial applications without the rule of law abroad upon his staff

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-04
The door, accommodation, registration, payment, access control & hellip; … Nowadays, brush a face is very common in People's Daily life. At the same time, due to the uniqueness of the face, the law regulation on facial data collection, use and destruction of absence, make facial recognition technology & other; Looks very beautiful, not be at ease to use & throughout; 。 “ Brush face payment & throughout; Era, how to put personal privacy has become a common topic. Recently, the zhejiang sci-tech university distinguished associate professor guo bing, a prosecution hangzhou wild animal zoo, expressed & other; Brush the face & throughout; Technology potential risk of anxiety and discomfort. In April this year, guo bing, paid 1360 yuan for birth year, the park requires only members in test card and fingerprint identification, does not require face recognition, and the zoo after half a year in the name of the card system upgrade in guo bing, cooperate with input data of the face, otherwise can't normal into the garden. Guo bing, that as the legitimate rights and interests of consumers are being infringement, to the park to court. The case is called & other; China face recognition throughout the first case &; And cause concern in society. Experience shows that quite a number of Internet companies did not as the claim, put the user privacy in important position. Face data is & other; Live data & throughout; , once the leaked or illegally provide or abuse, not only infringes the user's personal privacy and personality rights, and may even be outlaws used for fraud and other criminal activities. How to ensure the safety of users' personal information, it is facial recognition technology application and promotion cannot bypass will answer. Today, a lawsuit burst facial recognition technology of the safety concerns unveil plans related to facial recognition technology application boundary problem, it is time to in carrying out is discussed within the framework of the rule of law. All countries in the world are trying to use the legislation for the application of face recognition technology direction. Will face in the general data protection ordinance eu data protection and supervision to unprecedented heights: no units or individuals are not subject to the consent, shall not be used, including facial data, personal data. At present, a facial recognition technology ethics, legal norms of the industry and regulatory standards, has become a common expectation of the whole society. For example: face data acquisition system, application, storage and processing, and prevent illegal behavior person abuse others data; Refine the legal responsibility to respect and protect the privacy of personal information, an operator put an end to exchange privacy for convenient space; Market regulators and information security, information sharing and collaborative law enforcement to protect consumers' legitimate rights and interests safeguard enterprise & hellip; … To promote legal norms to guide on a par with facial recognition technology, can be set for the user privacy. Face recognition technology is convenient for all walks of life, due to security risks away to its, isolate factually. To the development of new technology, the existing security balance problem in the process of landing, under common lift can dissolve completely in the whole society. Believe that, with the government regulation & other; Visible hand & throughout; The Internet enterprise self-discipline & other; The invisible hand & throughout; , face recognition technology can more smoothly into the ordinary people.
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